About Mirror Ball Studios

 Stuck in a style rut?
  • A bit afraid of colour? 
  • Want to embrace colour but not sure which ones are best or how to put them together? 
  • Love that dress on the hanger but not so much when it's on? 
  • Used to be so sure but not now?
  • A wardrobe full of black or baggy or both? 
  • Changed shape and not sure how to dress for best? 
  • Always seem to get it a bit wrong?  Overdressed v. underdressed? 
  • Want people to say 'Wow you look fantastic' even on casual days?
  • Wondering why your much loved make up seems to make you look a bit older, doll like, sallow or overdone?
  • A wardrobe that's disorganised? 
  • Sooooo many clothes but nothing to wear?
  • Not enough clothes as tooooo scared to shop? 
  • Hourglass, Triangle, Rectangle, Column, Broad, Fuller Figured, Petite? 
  • Too old for 'fashion'? 
  • Used to be city girl but now a slummy mummy?Used to a yummy mummy but now a city girl?
  • Lifestyle doesn't match my style choices?
All of the above? 

So many questions yet we all have so little timeDon't Despair.  Don't Give Up!
If you tick any of the boxes, and chances are you'll tick a few, then you could really benefit from a Personal Style & Colour Consultation.  I promise that this is done with YOU central to the consultation.  Together we'll cover what works for you and have fun at the same time.  I can bring out your hidden style personality while embracing what you need your wardrobe to do for you now.

I also promise that you'll be amazed by the difference what an understanding of YOUR best colours, YOUR style personality and YOUR body shape makes to not only YOUR shopping routine but also to YOUR budget,  YOUR time but most importantly YOUR confidence.

You'll leave a consultation not only with a whole new approach and a skip in your step but a suite of tools to take away with you as a constant aid memoire: -   A personalised Colour Wallet, a personalised Style Workbook, the opportunity to purchase bespoke colour make up pallettes. 

Click through the tabs on the blog to find out more details about Mirror Ball Studio Personaly Styling and Colour Styling Consultations or leave a comment or email me for more information.

More About Me
I'm Clear, Deep & Warm colouring
looking best in brights & Contrast.
I'm a dramatic/romantic style personality
with a pear silhouette.
I'm Lady Mirror Ball - aka Catriona, a Scot (Aberdeen via Edinburgh) now living on the outskirts of Zurich, Switzerland.  I'm an award winning marketing professional, having spent the last 20 years in a professional marketing roles with leading Scottish Tourist Destination.  For the last 10 years I have relished my role as Marketing Director for one of Scotland's leading visitor attractions until a move to Switzerland , to follow my sweetheart,  gave me the opportunity to rediscover other likes, loves and life.

Recently re-trained in London by Europe's leading Image Consultancy Training Academy, Colour Me Beautiful Image Consultants,  I am now a professionally qualified image consultant, specialising in Personal Styling and Colour Analysis for Styling.  And I bring this to the lovely ladies of Switzerland in the shape of Mirror Ball Makeover Studios.  Based in beautiful Rorbas just outside Zurich.  I consult in English from my dedicated home based studios, but can travel to you too.  

Like lots of ladies I've always had an interest in fashion: I love to shop, to browse fashion magazines, to pamper and groom, to mix and match.  But I've always especially loved fashion styling - exploring colour, accessories, make up, bags and shoes, shoes and shoes.  A corsage here, a brooch there, a feather shawl or a ribbon in my hair.  I'm an experimenter:  I love colour, cashmere, crepe and chiffon.    I temper my desire to dress in a prom dress each day and have a love of vintage styling - the 1930's/40's and 50's.

As a fashion aware teenager I learnt that poverty breeds creativity and that you don't have to have a massive budget for fashion.  On leaving school I didn't know how to pursue my interest in fashion in a way that was in any way 'professional' or life sustaining, instead pushing fashion to the back of my mind and into the realms of my 'free time'; time with friends, the passing of a weekend and an enjoyable way of getting yourself dressed.  Even when asked what I'm passion about I have previously felt a little superficial saying 'fashion' and 'shopping' and 'getting dressed up'.  Not now.

As 2011 came to an end I began to think differently and to see my interest in a whole new light.   I've always been told I have an eye for colour, put things together well and am brave in the choices I make.  My good friend Noelle once told me that when we were at University together she thought I was Carrie Bradshaw; and that was before she'd even heard of Carrie Bradshaw.  Wow a compliment indeed!  Though you can rest assured I don't have Carrie's designer budget. Maybe you too can see yourself as one of the SATC girls?  Creative, Classic, Dramatic, Romantic, City Chic or Natural?

So as 2012 comes around I now can't wait to get started; to help other lovely ladies (and gents) to enjoy getting dressed, to discover life beyond the black and to get themselves out of their style ruts and into a new confidently colourful style groove.

Come with me on a journey that discovers the fun of looking, feeling and projecting loveliness ... among other great things that also happen to include youth, health, style and an enviable wardrobe.

And ta da!  This is my blog.  It's meant as a journal of my experiences in setting up my new venture, Mirror Ball Studios, as a scrapbook of my fashion and styling musings and as a window on the world of all things personal styling, colour and image and as shop window to the services I can offer.

I'm hopeful you'll join in with me and share your experiences, your top tips for shopping, your questions, your looking and feeling great stories and some great 'real style' photographs.

Here's to Mirror Ball Studios 2012
with love, hope and sparkle
Lady Mirror Ball x x x

PS:  Lots of people ask me; 'so what's with the Mirror Balls?'

I love Mirror Balls.  I have a 'few' in my home.  I can't exactly recall when I first fell for the charms of the mirror ball but think it has something to do with a teenage disco (which I guess felt special/glamorous or luxurious - a treat). 

What I love about Mirror Balls is not just that they glitter - though I do love that.  I love that they are a bit frivolous, that they represent fun times, that they cast their spell throughout the room, that they reflect and project at the same time.  I love that with a the touch of a spotlight they change and  sparkle.


lyn little said...

well done,hope you make a great success of your new venture.
I had my colours done a few years ago and it totally changed how I looked at clothes and colour.
cheers lyn little formerly chapelhall now edinburgh

Lady Mirror Ball said...

Hi Lyn - lovely to hear from you & thanks for taking tim to stop by. Glad you've loved having your colours done - it's amazing what a difference it makes isn't it? Hope life is treating you well in Edinburgh. Mr C says hello to you too. Keep in touch. x