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Your Christmas Must Haves - Santa Baby...

Classic Christmas: Tweeds and Checks

There was nothing really new in heritage fabrics this autumn, it's been all about how you wear them and this approach will see you through to Winter.  If you have been holding off until the REAL WINTER WEATHER arrives then now is the time - you migh even be able to pick up a few bargains in the sales too. 
Don't be shy; go for head-to-toe elegance if you like this look, just take care with your accessories to make sure you stay looking current. If you like something a little more dramatic and creative, mix them with other fabrics such as leather or a bit of shimmer.

You also need to think about the weight of the fabric and how it works with your shape (can you wear a stiff fabric or should you find a softer material?) The popular pieces are usually those that are most versatile, but think beyond safe colours like grey or brown. Red tartan is often a winner in winter as it provides colour ?oomph'.
I personally love, love Twee particulalry as a business suit.  But I also love it in bright colours such as purples, mulberry, pinks, emeralds and reds.  
My Prediction:  Tartan it is but don't just think traditional tartan as in the M&S pic below.  Think pink, grey, navy and mulberry tartan mixes;  think ochre, teal and olives too.  Tartan will be HUGE next Autumn.

Which colours for your colouring?

You will enjoy wearing elegant light grey tweed but mix it with petrol or violet shades to bring in colour.

Pine, navy and black tartan will make a great investment coat for you.

Brown tweeds come alive against your colouring. mix with vibrant amber or teal.

Find a staple in purple tweed; it will go with everything.

CLEAR: - this is me 
You can wear bold shades so enjoy bright red or green in tartan.

Invest in a tweed skirt, jacket or suit in light periwinkle/violet.

Christmas Party.  Lace Is Back - Has It Ever Gone Away?

The lace dress hasn't gone away for Christmas this year- it's a Style Trend rather than a fashion piece and we should all have at least one in our wardrobe. 
My Prediction:  It will be around for some time and at least one more season before I predict it gives way to chiffon, organza and transparent layering in dresses.  
Lace always looks feminine and this season there are more alluring designs than ever in a broad range of cuts and colours. Whether you choose a striking red or black dress for evening wear or a vibrant blue or delicate lavender that you can wear to lunch with the girls, you can buy now and wear it through to next Spring.  Personally I love it and would buy it by the bucket load if my budget could accommodate it.  Personally I prefer the more vintage looking pieces such as the Phase Eight below but each to their own and if you have the figure for it you can also find it in figure hugging dresses.
Sometimes I am asked 'But Won't I Look Frumpy' 
Here it is ladies:  Lace only looks old fashioned if it is the wrong colour for you, is too big for you or is the wrong length for you so do take care to be fabulous and not frumpy.  Lace also doesn't' need too much accessorizing as it is all in the dress - think simple and statement.

Is It Safest To Stick With Black?
The black lace dress is always the most popular but it isn't the safest option for everyone you know.  But if you want black but it doesn't look great on you, choose one with a low neckline or even strapless if you can, this means the black won't be so close to your face and pick an earring or necklace that has a stone in a colour or is of a metal tone that really lifts your complexion and makes your eye colour stand out. 
What IS The Best Lace Dress To Choose?

Light teal will look striking on you. For something softer, try grey lace with chiffon over a pale shade such as light periwinkle.   Teal is SO VERY VINTAGE HOLYWOOD DARLING.

You wear black best of all the colourings so make the most of the classic black lace dress. Choose deep red or rich burgundy for eye-catching colour.

Dark navy is your black. For a statement shade, go for turquoise or emerald green or a bronze overlay.

Cerise or royal blue are your statement colours. Bright periwinkle will look more subtle.  

Go for bold red or emerald - beware the shape and quality of Red Lace - you know what I am saying here!!!!  If you want black choose one with contrast such as lace overlay on a coloured fabric, or with added shimmer in silver or gold. Teal with a bold red lipstick also looks so very Old School Holywood Glamour as Clears can take the contrast.

Choose geranium or claret. These are softer shades of red which will look as striking on you as the bold reds do on a Clear.


Who would have thought we would get excited about pink for winter? And pastel pink at that! It is a little surprising, especially as coats need to see us through a few winters, not just a fashion season. However, there is something refreshing about seeing pretty pastel pink and vibrant fuchsia among the dark shades we usually have in Autumn. Pink is an ultra-feminine shade and hot pink is a great mood booster, so why not? 
The pale pinks aren't practical for mucky British weather and not all women are into this girly shade, but if you are, you are going to be very tempted. Will it still be current next winter? Possibly not. If you want one but feel it's not a good investment buy, don't worry; you will find good pieces at the lower price end so you can feel good without feeling guilty in your pretty pink coat.
I was lucky enough to bag the much in demand and sold our M&S pink coat but unbelievably had to return it.  My lesson to remember is that it's not just about the colour but also the shape.  Cocoon shapes and my pear shaped ass don't mix.  But if you can get your hands on it I highly recommend.  A steal at £89.99.  My all time favourite though is the Jaeger Mohair Pink coat which is more of a splurge at £399.00.
My Prediction: Pastel and Candy Pinks will be sticking around for next Autumn and Winter too so you will get more than one season if you decide to go for it.

The pastel pink coats were made for you!
Blush pink works for both warm and cool skin tones. Deeps with cool skin tones can wear bold cyclamen or fuchsia.

Pink is a wow shade for you so enjoy wearing hot pink, cyclamen and fuchsia. If you like softer shades choose candy or blush pink. 

Being a warm shade, lots of pink is not for you. Go for apricot or orange-red instead.  If you have a very dramatic personality you could clash your colours with the candy pink but make sure it has a warm (red/yellow) undertone.

As with the Deeps, blush pink works for both cool and warm tones and is strong enough to compliment your colouring. If your skin tones are cool, then choose the bold pinks; fuchsia, hot pink etc.

Candy is just right for you, not too pale and not to bold; cool skin tones can take cooler shades in icy or powder pink.
Love & Christmas Sparkle, Catriona @ Mirror Ball Studios

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