Sunday, May 19, 2013

Sugar & Spice? Women At Work...

ZpbhvBJ-sEkMYM0NSuQk6qde-428ZkeBB6pN21XKbYg-1What Are Little Girls Made Of? 

Culturally it is common that girls are raised to be 'nice' while boys are raised to be 'strong'; western cultural ideals that will have been reinforced over the course of our lives. 
Much of this can be good, bestowing ladies with some wonderful qualities that shape success. Often however, we over employ our girlish tendencies without realising that they are contradictory to the accepted culture of professional success - in the eyes of both WOMEN and MEN.

My most recent article in Inspirational Women Magazine covers some of these issues and gives top tips for leaving your inner girl behind you when you step over the professional threshold. 
Discover common mistakes that you will be making which are hampering your resonance, how others view your ability and are shaping perceptions of you.  I've only covered a few in the article but I'd love to hear of any lessons you have learned about how your 'girlish' tendencies have maybe let you down.  
Not only that there is a myriad of other inspiring and interesting articles bringing together women's issue & culture.  The "culture" issue can be read here:

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