Sunday, May 19, 2013

Sugar & Spice? Women At Work...

ZpbhvBJ-sEkMYM0NSuQk6qde-428ZkeBB6pN21XKbYg-1What Are Little Girls Made Of? 

Culturally it is common that girls are raised to be 'nice' while boys are raised to be 'strong'; western cultural ideals that will have been reinforced over the course of our lives. 
Much of this can be good, bestowing ladies with some wonderful qualities that shape success. Often however, we over employ our girlish tendencies without realising that they are contradictory to the accepted culture of professional success - in the eyes of both WOMEN and MEN.

My most recent article in Inspirational Women Magazine covers some of these issues and gives top tips for leaving your inner girl behind you when you step over the professional threshold. 
Discover common mistakes that you will be making which are hampering your resonance, how others view your ability and are shaping perceptions of you.  I've only covered a few in the article but I'd love to hear of any lessons you have learned about how your 'girlish' tendencies have maybe let you down.  
Not only that there is a myriad of other inspiring and interesting articles bringing together women's issue & culture.  The "culture" issue can be read here:

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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Rich, Roaring & Romantic. Chin Chin to the '20's.

If you haven’t caught the Gatsby bug yet, you obviously haven’t seen the film’s previews. It is going to be a sartorial feast for the eyes.

Those of you who know me know how much I love the clothing of this period.  Sadly my pear shaped figure makes it difficult for me to wear well but I have adapted the key silhouettes over they years so that I could take my wardrobe back to this fabulous era.  Indeed Chicago is also one of my all time favourite movies - and sorry but I do prefer the movie to the stage musical - as well as the original with Mia and Robert.  So,  I for one cannot wait for Gatsby.
The costumes in this story of the rich and famous in the roaring twenties are simply sumptuous. This fashion era was not about practicality, it was about elegance, statement dressing and fun.
Catherine Martin is the film’s costume designer (married to Baz Luhrmann, the film’s director, with credits including Moulin RougeStrictly BallroomRomeo and Juliet). Some of Carey Mulligan’s costumes are designed by Miuccia Prada.
During this period fashion was characterised by beautiful hanging fabrics that were heavily embellished and accessorised with a 'long line' look where the head and the feet were equally as important as the gown.  By contrast you would also find that androgyny became fashionable with women adapting the man's suit.
tuxedo style on jewellery trends blog
Marlene Dietrich, 1920; Yves St Laurent’s ‘Le Smoking’, 1960s; Kate Moss
Fashion retailers have been heavily influenced by this anticipated epic, so if you come away from the film wanting to adopt a bit of Gatsby glamour here are some handy dos and don'ts.
• Flapper is a word that may strike fear into your heart but ladies, you don’t have to go completely flapper, you can incorporate bits of it into your look with any of the following: 
fringes, sequins, feathers, beading, pleats, metallics
sparkle, cloche hats, brogues, t-bar shoes, capes.  
For more inspiration think Velma Kelly, Roxy Hart, Greta Garbo or Gloria Swanson.

• In shoes, you will find heeled t-bar and various metallic styles. Gorgeous t-bar shoes are everywhere, but this style doesn’t work for everyone. The t-bar will appear to cut off the leg at the ankles, so don’t wear this style if you have short legs, especially if you are short from the knee to the ankle. However, if you have fallen for this style (and we wouldn’t blame you) do choose one with an open toe and in a pale shade or one that has a low t-bar - that means it doesn't buckle at the ankle bone but more at the top of your instep.
Amazing Coast dresses as featured in Ireland's 'Social & Personal' Magazine in a glorious Gatsby inspired shoot. See the stunning 'Roaring 20's' styles dazzle>> — All That Jazz: The Great Gatsby Revival

• The traditional drop-waist flapper dress looks elegant on slim, straight figures but is not so flattering on curvy bodies like mine much as I've tried.  So don’t invest in this shape if you are a full hourglass, triangle or round body shape. You will find some current takes on twenties dresses offer more flattering cuts, so do hunt around if you are desperate to have one.
Katy Perry channeling the '20's era well I think.
• Do try some hair accessories (jewelled, feathered, beaded etc.) as they will give you instant Gatsby glamour without having to invest too much in the trend. Equally, a handbag will give a nod to the look without overdoing it. Or think long line necklaces as well as scarves tied around your head - band style.  For an evening look add an evening glove.  BUT BEWARE - too much and you will look like you are heading for a fancy dress party.   
And ladies when putting the look together one simply must be sipping from a champagne saucer - even if it is only apple juice.
Chin Chin daaah-lings, Lady Mirror Ball xxx
The Elliot Sisters - Bea & Evie  (left and right) with their
assistant from BBC's House of Elliot.
PS:  Anyone in the UK remember the fabulous House of Elliot series set in the design atelier of 1920's sisters.  Fabulous. Originally shown around 1993 it was regular weekend watching while I was a student.  

PPS:  Thanks to Colour Me Beautiful for their help with this blog post.