Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Summer Style for Sun, Sea and Sand

It's been so long since you saw your beachwear you probably can't remember what it looks like! If you think it's not worth investing in your swimwear because you don't wear it that often, think again.

We all like to feel good and look good on holiday and what you wear on the beach is just as important as what you wear out for dinner. You want it to fit and flatter you and make you feel good (especially as you are exposing more of your body!).

So, if you have dusted off your swimwear and it's looking a bit tired, faded or shapeless or it simply doesn't suit you any more, now is the time to invest in something colourful and flattering.

Beautiful Colours To Choose From - useful if you know your colour profiling. 

I'm a CLEAR with dark hair, blue eyes and pale skin 
and love my scarlet swimmie with its beautiful bow at the bust.  

Swimwear colours we recommend for this summer are:

Beautiful Shapes for Luscious Lady

Your swimwear should give the same support as your underwear, suit your body shape and be in your WOW colours. Remember you'll be wearing it all day!! See our tips to find out which cuts suit your shape best.

As long as your proportions are good (you're not a Full Hourglass) you can wear any style, depending on your personal preference.

Full Hourglass
Underwiring or support is essential. Your bottom half should have little detail and ensure it doesn't finish at a wide point on the hips. Avoid stripes and detailing on your bust and hips. 

Triangle like meKeep detailing above the waist. Keep to simple lines on your bottom half, you might choose a darker colour. Beware of high-cut styles that finish at your widest point; you don't want to emphasize your hips but you may want to lengthen your leg if they are short like mine.  Just don't finish at the widest part.

Inverted Triangle
Halter and square necklines work well, as do pattern and detail on the hips. Choose geometric rather than floral patterns. Go for styles where tops and bottoms are sold separately.

On a one-piece, a central panel in a darker shade gives the illusion of a slimmer shape, as do square necklines. Avoid high-waisted bikini bottoms and choose geometric patterns.

Try a tankini or vest top that covers the middle and isn't too figure-hugging. Choose a bottom that is roomy and deep. For more cover, use a sarong or a floaty beach kaftan. Details on the shoulders will draw the eye towards your face. 

From the beach to the bar,
I can help you to get holiday-ready this summer!

Thanks to Colour Me Beautiful for the sunny inspiration.

Get that gorgeous body on the beach or in the swimming pool ladies.  Lady Mirror Ball x x x

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Knack of The Necklace

Choosing the right necklace can be a dilemma and often we leave home without one.  So today I am sharing a handy pictorial snapshot to help you decide the best way to go.  Short and snappy today - that's the blog post of course, and not my advice on the style of necklace.  

Do you have a preference or any other good advice I could share?  Top style tips that work for you always welcome.
Thanks to Imogen Lamport  Author at http://www.insideoutstyleblog.com
PS:  As it happens I'm also highly recommending turquoise jewellery set in yellow gold this summer.  It's a winner and goes with everything.

Yours, sticking her neck out, Lady Mirror Ball xxx

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Summer Time & The Frillin' is Easy...

'Early adoption of the modern frill is a high-risk strategy. The pioneering frill-seeker appears to have got dressed up in something fussy and fancy, not something chic and stylish' 
Jess Cartner-Morley, The Guardian

Frills, ruffles, call them what you will, are back. The Romantic personalities will be ‘frilled’ as spring flounces into summer.  But as frills don’t usually appeal to the Natural, Classic or City Chic personalities they  may find them too fussy for their tastes. However, the new frill is not the familiar busy ruffle we know but instead a more elegant detail.  
Think FRILL rather than FRILLS.
It might be a demure neckline, a stylish ripple on a cuff, a soft drape on a top or a sculpted wave on a skirt. It might be just one ripple or two or three, but they won’t be fluttering all over the place making the eye dizzy.
On the catwalk, designer frills looked reminiscent of the trademark hems on a flamenco skirt or a ladylike trim from the 1940’s. The frill for spring 2013 is definitely a more feminine and stylish look that says “I’m on trend AND I’m elegant.”
Can you pull it off?  Here are three things to consider for chic frills:
1. Does it suit your style? 
Even though the new frill is less fussy, if you’re a Natural personality you may still shy away from it. However, you might find a simple, soft t-shirt with a gentle frill works for you. If you are a Classic you might stretch to a smart top with a subtle neck frill to add a bit of interest to your look. A City Chic will enjoy an elegant ruffle and you might use it almost as an accessory to your look. The Romantics, who love feminine detail, will prefer a softer drape and the Dramatics who like to be on trend will probably choose a statement piece. If you are a Creative personality you will want to be, well, creative, so you might play with colours, combine two frilled garments or add your own self-styled frill.
2. How do I wear it? 
Aside from preference, it’s about the fabric and where you wear it. Softer fabrics will fall softly against curves and stiffer fabrics won’t, so think about what works for your figure. As with any embellishment or detail, you don’t want to wear it on a fuller part of your body as it will make that part look bigger. No ruffles across a full bust or sitting on full hips, please.
3. How many ruffles and what size? 
If in doubt, go for one ruffle on one garment. The size of the frill is important too: small figures should choose small to medium frills whilst larger frames can carry larger frills. This will also depend on your personality, of course, a Dramatic or Creative might use the frill as a statement piece and ignore what suits their frame and go for something big and bold.
Go on dress to Frill! lots of love 
Lady Mirror Ball

Article adapted from colourmebeautiful.co.uk - with thanks.