Thursday, March 7, 2013

The sun has been shining and the temperatures are rising, but we find ourselves guilty of sticking to our uniform of blacks, browns and greys…with maybe a splash of colour – but is it the right colour for our (less-than-tan at the moment) skin tones?

As us lovely ladies emerge like butterflies from our winter wardrobe cocoon, we are thinking of long sunny days, lighter moods and the freedom of breaking off the layers. Dressing between seasons can be a challenge, none more so than from winter to spring.

So I thought I would share the interview that I had with Girlfriend Guide to Zurich last year to give you some spring inspiration.    Don't worry I've updated some of the trends so that they are CURRENT RIGHT NOW AND FOR 2013.  
Let’s celebrate the sun, the greening of the grass and the burst of spring blooms
 because this season we’re going from 
Brrrr …. to Brrrright!
Zuri Girl: We took a browse through your blog and realized that although we LOVE updating our wardrobe with the colours of spring…we never realized there is much to be said about the science of colour and how it affects us. What exactly is colour?
Mirror Ball Studios:  Colour truly is a sensory experience, as the colour of an object is seen by the eye when light is shone upon it. There are 3 key attributes of colour: tone, depth and clarity. Our skin tones include a unique blend of these 3 colour attributes as well, so in all honesty, it is where and how we wear fashionable colours that makes all the difference.
  1. Tone - or the name given to a colour. For example, red, green, blue and yellow, as well as its undertone of warm or cool.
  2. Depth - or the strength of a colour and whether it’s light or deep.
  3. Clarity - or the luminance of a colour and how clear or soft is it.
Zuri Girl: You say it depends on ‘Where & How we wear colour’ – Why?
Mirror Ball Studios:  It’s all down to the three P’s of colour styling:
  1. Physical impact of colour
    Depending on our eye, hair and skin colour we will all reflect certain colours well onto our face, making us look healthy, youthful, and radiant.  Conversely, some colours do the exact opposite for us.  Scientifically, there are 6 key personal colour types that define all of us, though we are each a unique blend of the 3 colour attributes.  For example, I am pre-dominantly ‘clear’ in my colouring, but I also have warmth and depth.  My colouring suits bold, bright and contrasting  colours.  My opposite, ‘soft’ colouring will suit more muted shades worn with less contrast.
  2. Psychological impact
    Colour can alter the way we feel, or it can project a desired image of ourselves.  Blue often projects authority for example, and red, confidence.  If we exude these traits others reflect them back to us.  This creates a virtuous cycle of positive affirmation that makes us feel great and so we grow these characteristics.
  3. Our own fashion Personality
    Our personalities however, are so important in how we are going to wear colour.  If you are ‘creative’ then chances are you will be more inclined to embrace colours.  If you have a more ‘chic’ style personality then you will always favour neutrals or tone-on-tone colours.  We should embrace this rather than fight it for our very best wardrobe.

Zuri Girl: Are there colours that suit everyone?

Mirror Ball Studios:  Yes.  In the world of colour, we refer to certain colours as “Universal”.  True purple, for example, is good on every woman’s colouring but I love meeting with women to help open their eyes (and wardrobes) to certain flattering colours that they may never have actually considered to help bring out their most radiant self!

Zuri Girl: So can you help us settle the age-old question…”Are black, grey & white Colours?”

Mirror  Ball Studios:  That’s a great question.  Are they colours or are they shades? I say yes,  they are colours.  They are simply neutral colours.   Only those with deep colouring can really wear top to toe black and look amazing.  But you don’t have to ditch the black completely from your wardrobe.  All of us can wear black successfully, perhaps just not as a roll neck sweater! And all of us should have neutrals as base garments.

 Girl: So what colours will we see in the shops this spring / summer?
Mirror Ball Studios:  For 2013 think Emerald Green - it's everywhere.  Also Black and White are huge colours this year, as are brights and pastels both mixed up as floral patterns.  Coloured lace remains very on trend, as do coloured shoes and handbags.

Zuri Girl: Give us some insider fashion tips…how should we wear our colours this year?
Mirror Ball Studios :  I suggest one of the following ways: UPDATED FOR 2013
  • Colour Blocking (the opposite of blending!)
    Wear blocks of color next to each other or in layers to create sharp divisions with contrasting bright shades, such as purple & orange.  If you are new to colour or perhaps want to introduce it to your professional wardrobe than you can block a bright colour with a neutral colour.  Try emerald with grey or red with camel.
  • Monochrome - monochrome is HUGE for 2013 but this is a colour contrast which is high and black and white can be carried off successfully by only a few of us.  
  • As Pattern
    Key colourful patterns this year are going to be FLORALS.  Flowers are on everything this year and are a great way to add a splash of colour to your wardrobe.
  • Top-to-Toe
    Ideal for an evening look, pick one colour which you wear as a dress with the same shade shoes, lipstick and nail polish.  For a more casual option, pick a less dramatic colour and wear the same colour as jeans and knits - mix the textures rather than the colours.

Zuri Girl: If we were to purchase just one ‘must-have’ item to insert a pop of colour into our wardrobe this season, what do you suggest?

Mirror Ball Studios:  I would say coloured shoes or a statement leather handbag in a dramatic colour - both will add a pop of colour to any outfit and scream on trend for 2013.

Hope you enjoyed my 2013 update girlfriends.  Enjoy ...... for me this year the colour is pumpkin red - lilke the final bag in the bag line up above.  Not orange but not pillar box red either.  I love it and have lots of compliments wearing it.  

Lady Mirror Ball xx

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