Saturday, February 9, 2013

The Virtuous Cycle of Wellbeing

Look Good  = Feel Good

For many of us it’s an uncomfortable truth that in every walk of life we are judged by our appearance.  We’ve all heard the statistics confirming that  55% of first impressions are based on how a person looks.  

Ironically, there is often real contradiction in our attitudes to how we look.  On one hand taking an active interest is increasingly viewed as superficial and thus not the stuff of more cerebral women.  Yet, on the other hand we all take some degree of interest in our physical appearance, spending more money than ever on fashion, make up and beauty.  

Whatever your view dressing and grooming are basic life essentials – we all do it. So if we are going to do it shouldn’t we do it well?  After all, our wellbeing depends upon it. 

When we look good we feel good.  In turn we become more confident, we exude more energy, we smile more, speak with more conviction and stand taller.  Without even realising it we attract positive feedback, become more approachable and more memorable. Consequently this makes us feel great and so a virtuous cycle of positivity, wellbeing and success begins.   

When we throw in the fact that the choices we all make about 
our appearance are a strong form of self-expression that give secret (but loud) 
signals to others about how we feel and how we expect to be treated 
then our appearance becomes an even more powerful tool. 

When I say ‘how we look’ I don’t want this to be confused with our ideals of physical beauty, of a size 10 figure or a hugely expensive wardrobe. What I am talking about is how we, how you project your own and unique style.  

So, how do you kick start that virtuous cycle of wellbeing?

Illuminate With Colour - Depending on our eye, hair and skin colour we all reflect certain colours well onto our face; what I call the ‘colours that love us’. Colours that love you will make your eyes pop with colour, and sparkle while your skin will glow and appear shadow or wrinkle free.  Colours that don’t love you do the opposite by sapping natural radiance, making you look tired, older and sallow.

Colour Makes You Smile - Others Smile With You !

Scientifically speaking there are 6 key dominant colour types though each of us is a unique blend of 3 colour attributes:  Tone, Depth and Clarity.  Some of us are ‘Clear’ and contrasting, while some of us are ‘Soft’ and muted.  There are ‘Deeps’ just as there are ‘Lights’ while we could also be either dominantly ‘Warm’ or ‘Cool’. 
Perhaps you’ve been in a situation where you’ve been asked if you feel ok when you feel fine or you always receive compliments when you wear a certain dress.  My bet is much of this is about the colour and what it is doing for you.  

Top Tip:  Without wearing make-up experiment with clothes from your wardrobe by holding them under your chin.  You’ll be amazed at how some colours illuminate you, giving you a natural radiance while others drain you.   Or book me for some colour coaching!

Fit & Flatter - You clothes should fit you well, follow the natural lines of your body and be neither too big nor too small.   Either way always try to create the illusion of an hourglass unless you are wearing a very trend led outfit.

Top Tip:  Always finish your clothing lines at the narrowest points of your figure. 

Be Brave With Colour 
Style Personality – while it sounds obvious what you may not full appreciate is that your wardrobe and grooming choices are determined by your innate style personality.