Wednesday, October 31, 2012

This Season You Need To Be Wearing ...

The Perfect Little Red Dress

Forget the little black dress, it's a great red dress you want in your wardrobe for those unexpected special occasions.

Red remains this year's hottest colour and it's still the number one choice for a head-turning outfit. You will find a selection of gorgeous red dresses on the high street right now, so it's the perfect time to invest.

Which Style?

This will depend on your style personality as well as your body shape.

I'm a Dramatic Romantic Pear!

Red is such a bold colour that a simple piece can look amazing with the right accessories. On the other hand, you might want an opulent dress in luxurious fabrics with gorgeous details. It's all down to your personal taste. And what suits your body shape of course.

Here are some ideas for you.
top image

Classic Personality
You prefer traditional and understated looks. A simple jersey, shift or tea dress (depending on your body shape) with a little detail would be a good staple for you. Here, Helen Mirren looks amazing in a very elegant and classic dress with just a little sparkle and gathering for detail. This classic Wallis jersey dress with a little neck and gathering detail is perfect for you.
Helen Mirren

Dramatic Personality
You like to create striking looks with the latest fashions and you are not afraid to stand out. This shimmering dress worn by Myleene Klass will certainly get heads turning! You will also enjoy this off the shoulder peplum dress from Karen Millen which is both an eye-catching look and right on trend.
Myleene Klass

Romantic Personality
You like pretty, feminine fabrics and detail. Floor length and floaty chiffon or delicate lace is perfect for you. Nicole Kidman often expresses her romantic side as she does with this gorgeous, ultra feminine floor length gown. This Biba dress will work the same magic for you.
Nicole Kidman and search for BIBA which is exclusive to house of fraser UK.  They do ship to Switzerland.  By the way BIBA offers an amazing collection but a top tip is that the garments often don't look much on the hanger but are fabulous on.  The website usually shows them modelled.  

Also House of Fraser have a 25% BRAND SALE STARTING TONIGHT!!!

City Chic Personality
You follow trends rather than street fashion. You like to coordinate and look immaculate at all times. Meryl Streep takes a simple shirt dress style in luxurious fabric, belts it and coordinates with black accessories, and the obligatory film star sunglasses of course. Very simple but very stylish. With your fabulous sense of style, you could take a simple dress like this silk Biba shirt dress, and make it look ultra chic by accessorising it to your liking. Sunglasses are optional!

Creative Personality
You like unusual finds and mixing up pieces to create your own look. You might find a vintage piece, or combine different fabrics and pattern. Creative Chaka Khan mixes print and fabric and adds bold earrings. This Reiss dress is a classic shape but has a quirky mix of textures that you would enjoy working with. You could team it with a sumptuous satin or fur jacket.
Creative  a favourite of the Duchess of Cambridge.  On the expensive side but gorgeous quality and used to be generously cut too.

Natural Personality
You're not a huge fan of dressing up and are happiest in jeans and comfortable clothes. If you have to wear a dress you want it to be unfussy and comfy! Kate Winslet looks every bit the star here and yet she is wearing a simple maxi dress, minimal accessories and easy updo for her hair. This Alexon maxi dress will give you the right look for a special evening out with minimum fuss. The jersey fabric is easy to wear and because it is a great red dress, you don't need bold accessories to make it look fantastic.
Kate Winslett or or also at ..... by the way they also have a lovely long sleeved version of this dress and at an amazing price of only around CHF 150.  

..And the perfect lipstick
If you are wearing red lipstick with your great new dress you must get the lip colour just right.

As you will have chosen the right shade of red dress for your colouring (naturally!) you need a lipstick colour close to that or a just a shade lighter. You don't want the lips to clash with your dress, you want a colour that complements your dress.

Alternatively, if you are going for bold eye make-up then your lip colour should be very pale or nude, as actress Berenice Marlohe has done beautifully here at the Skfyall premiere  - she also looks amazing in that Vivienne Westwood dress too.

Ladies, there's a red for everyone out there but if you need help finding confidence in your perfect colour palette, your perfect shade of Red, your body shape and style personality then Mirror Ball Studios can help. 

Book now for a COLOUR or STYLE consulation (or both) now 
to save you 100's of francs ahead of the festive period.
(I promise it's fun too)

Catriona  - Lady Mirror Ball in shades of luscious RED x x

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Why Teal? How Designers Determine Which Colour Is In...

Just yesterday I saw this fabulous blog by Marks and Spencer and felt I just had to share it with you.  It beautifully details the process that the design team go through when selecting the colour palette they choose for the forthcoming seasons.  The blog focusses on home interiors which I though was a nice change from fashion too; though much of the process applies to fashion too. So,  I thought I would share it with you.  

This Blog post is reproduced from the Marks & Spencer Blog, called 'Stories' - which is also a great read to add to your blog list.
Conran autumn collection
So Marks & Spencer over to you: -
Every season, new colours hit our high streets. We are suddenly inundated with yellow dresses, or pink duvets. There are definite trends – fresher, cooler colours in the spring, for example, and richer, warmer ones in autumn – but the palette can change drastically year-on-year.
How do designers decide which colours to use in their products? When the January editions of monthly glossies proudly declare that the ‘colour of the year’ is fuschia, teal, or cherry red, what do they mean? To shed some light on colour (so to speak), we asked Lale Guralp, a textile designer at Conran, to explain how the Conran team go about picking colours for the Conran Exclusive Design for M&S range.
Conran colour inspiration
The process of colour selection begins around 10-12 months before the products hit M&S shelves. This poses an immediate problem: in the middle of the winter doldrums, we have to start pretending it’s autumn!
First, we make sure we’re aware of what’s out there. This means looking at magazines, attending trade shows, and thinking about what the next step could be – and what a Conran take on it could look like. We find images that include colours and combinations we like and that work well together, and layer them up on mood boards to develop a colour palette. Our images can come from anywhere, from recipe cards to school textbooks.
From the images we pull out the key colours and paint up some swatches with options for each. Anything goes at this stage – including, for this autumn’s M&S range, some very wild yellows.
Painted colour samples and cushions

Featured above: Tonal Felt Cushions
We then slim this palette down to a core set of product-ready colours, and try to select a precise Pantone colour number (a colour cataloguing system) for each. This ensures everyone is looking at the exact same colour.
Pantones and rugs

Featured above: Colour Burst Rug and Overlay Circles Rug.
Next, we work with our suppliers to get materials that match these colours closely, sending them the relevant Pantone numbers so they know exactly what we mean. Frustratingly, it’s often all but impossible to get an exact match.
Rug and upholstery
Deciding on a palette of colours is one thing, but we also need to determine the proportions of each colour to use across the collection, as well as in each product. The bright colours are often better-suited to smaller pieces such as cushions, or accent details, whereas blues and grays make good base colours.
Colour bars and cushion
Featured above: Graphic Block Cushion.
We represent the ideal proportions of each colour in a particular room using colour bars. Note how mustard, pink and orange – the boldest colours in the collection – are used sparingly.
Once this is all decided, we begin matching colours with pieces (the physical design of which is already in progress), referring back to the colour bars to make sure we use each colour in the right proportion. The final palette we choose tends to be unique, even though many of the colours overlap with those of other designers, suggesting that there’s a bit more to it than personal taste!
Wow.  Thanks M&S, that's really insightful.  And oh how I  miss you in Switz.  Please come as I so need new cushions even although Mr Mirror Ball despairs at the 15 he has already counted in the house. 
Lady MB xx
PS:  As an aside one of the great tips of colour combining is to pick a palette and mix it terms of %.  For example predominant colour at 60% of combination, the second colour at 30% of the combination and an accent at 10% of the combination.  You can think of how you put an outfit together in this way too.  But for now what colour combinations are you loving this season?

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Weekly Coffee, Cake & Colour ... Pretty in Pink

Where have I been? It's been such a long time since my last colour 
specific post.  The 'weekly' hasn't even slipped to monthly.  Sorry.  But this month is a special  month.  Aside from being the birthday month of almost every female in my family it is also a Pink Month.  

So with that in mind I say that every woman should have pink in her wardrobe:  it brings out your femininity and denotes empathy. 
Pink is also a great colour to wear when you are feeling below par as the lighter pinks are gentle and uplifting and the hot pinks will give you an energy boost.

Pink is also the colour of breast cancer awareness month and there is still time to get involved in the ‘Pink’ campaigns.  So go pink and wear your best shade with confidence.  If Pink is one of your favourites you have a fabulous reason to wear it every single day during October.  And, well if it's not a colour you would normally have in your wardrobe why not give it a try in honour of your breasts; you never know you might like it. 
Color icon pink v2.svg

Pink:  Scientifically speaking it is any of the colors between bluish red (purple) and red, of medium to high brightness and of low to moderate saturation. Commonly used to denote femininity, some would say 'girlish-ness' pink is also sometimes referred to as "the color of love." Did you know though, that the use of the word for the color known today as pink was first recorded in the late 17th century.

Although pink is normally considered just as a tint of red most variations of pink actually lie between red, white and magenta colors.  Importantly ladies, many pinks have a blue undertone, making it a cooler rather than a warmer colour.  There are of course exceptions such as salmony pinks and coral pinks, as well as some more brighter pinks which are warmer.

Top Tips On Getting To Grips With The Pink That LOVES You.

Blondes look bestin p ale pinks which will make you look sophisticated and elegant.  If you are blonde and love fuchsias and hot pinks, you are better off wearing them as accessories.

Shocking pink on a brunette will exude

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

5 Good To Go Body Confidence Tricks

Many people are afraid of wearing colour, but don't be - while it is sometimes true that black is slimming, an all-black wardrobe can be a depressing thing, and can give off the signal that you're insecure about your body. 

1. Colour 
Just as a sunny day can make you feel alive and full of energy, so can wearing a bright colour, why not try red?  The great thing about red is that there is a shade to suit everyone. If you have cool, pinkish undertones to your skin, choose a blue-red. If you have warmer skin tones then go for warmer reds.  Darker colourings can wear deep scarlet, a lighter geranium red works well for blondes, and redheads can wear warm tomato or orange-red, my current favourite and being sported on my nails, in my scarf and as a lipstick.  Ooops hope I don't look like a warm tomato!

This berry red swallow print peplum dress (£39.50 from Dorothy Perkins) is a great addition to any confident wardrobe. The red is a deep flattering tone, and the cut of the dress - with its v-shaped neckline, nipped in waist and peplum detail - will flatter any figure.

2. Extra support
Even Hollywood A-listers sometimes need an extra bit of help to feel their confident best, and when the red carpet calls they turn to support underwear (believe us, it's true)! It may not sound sexy or glamorous, but support underwear has come on leaps and bounds since the early days of medicinal bandage type Bridget Jones pants.

Rigby & Peller are one of the country's premiere lingerie retailers (they even have a Royal Warrant from the Queen), and offer a fantastic selection of stylish support pieces - from everyday spanx pants to made-to-measure corsets for special occasions.

For affordable support underwear with added va-va-voom, check out PrimaDonna Twist's Possibly Maybe range, which combines modern support technology with glamorous retro styling. Their control pants, £47, and control dress, £75.95, are both incredibly stylish and will give you the perfect 1950s hourglass shape. What's more, both are available online at Rigby & Peller - so added confidence is only a click away.  

3. Make a statement
The right accessories can make or break a look, and when it comes to jewellery