Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Foundation For Fashion ...

With or without 'FLOATING' - hmmmm
Sometimes we wonder how we ever lived without a specific 'thing'. Some say the telephone, some say the wheel but I am going to say THE BRA!  

Blog followers who know me personally will know my Bra and Boob history - suffice to say it's not good.  So big was my bust that a friend used to joke that it took me at least 15 minutes and £15 pounds per cup for a bra purchase, and that was in the 90's. Plagued by a big bosom, and I mean big,  that didn't sit where it should, my bosom dominated my life in my teens and twenties. It impacted my confidence and my fashion choices.  It was so cumbersome that exercise was difficult and I piled on weight too.   

Things have changed a lot since then; manufacturers have wised up to the growing boom of the bust industry and no longer is a large bosom the prevail of the 'over the shoulder boulder holder', as Bette Middler would say. 

In addition I have lost some of my bust size and am now as happy as I can be with my 32F. What I have learned however, is that nothing you put on top of a bra will look as good as it can if the bra itself isn't doing it's job.  I LOVE A GOOD FITTING BRA and I LOVE A GOOD BRA FITTER and I LOVE A GOOD BRA WEBSITE.  

And so it is with great pleasure that I introduce someone who can bring us all 3.  Your very own Bra fairy and my very first guest blogger.  So a huge welcome as I am delighted to introduce:

Sara O'Regan Founder of Bra Sense who 
shares with us her expert insight and top tips.

Most people treat underwear as ‘another fashion item’ or an item that is a basic purchase (no-one sees it but me). But it is not. The bra is the foundation garment. It can literally make or break an outfit as the bra shape and fit decide your proportion and your curves. The wrong shape and size can mean you have to buy a dress size larger or a looser fit to cover up the bra’s mistakes.

Fashion is designed in proportion around 4 key  points:

  • shoulder
  • bust
  • waist
  • hips. 

Not only the size of these 4 points but also the distances between them. Your shoulders, waist and hips are bodily fixed. They are fixed points which you cannot change. However, the bust is different. It can bulge, sag, droop, or sit exactly where nature placed it, in proportion and distance to the other three points. 

A different bra can immediately change the position of the bust and as it does, it dictates  the shape and size of clothing we must wear over it. So this is why the whole bra fit is key. Most people focus on the size of a bra, when the body profile or form, proportion and natural shape are the drivers to bra design, fit and size. So this is why the whole bra fit is key. It is not about underbust and around bust measurement. These are aids to size – not guides to size. Most people focus on the size derived from measurements, when the body profile or form, proportion and natural shape are the drivers to bra design, fit and size.

Here, you can instantly see the difference between the two photos. In both photos the same size top and bra is being worn but in the one on the right the correct style, design and shape of bra in the right size is being worn. Wearing the correct bra moves the bust back to where the body and therefore every other fashion item  expects the bust to be. So the top fits smoothly as it should. Notice where the neckline sits, the extra length in the body and the posture?

Top Tips:

Don’t focus on size – focus on shape.All 34D’s won’t fit the same, don’t be surprised when they don’t. Most of us have a favourite bra. Something we feel fits well. Start by looking at the shape of the bra. How many seams in the cup? Where are they? Where do the shoulder straps sit? Start by finding bras which have the same ‘shape’ as this one by matching cup shape, design and strap position.

This is such a top tip.  I kept buying plunge style bras until I was told that for my shape I needed a balconette.  Best ever bra advice.  Lady Mirror Ball

To check if you are wearing the correct bra shape and size, follow the 3 fit tips:


Band: should be level all the way around the body and the bra band should sit just below the shoulder blades at the back.

Shoulder straps: Should sit at the top of the bust and not take the weight of the bust. If you’re having to tighten the shoulder straps to lift the bust, the bra is not the correct size.

Underwire: this is perhaps the hardest thing to get right as the biggest difference between different manufacturer’s bras is the underwire shape. Every manufacturer has their own and they are all different. This is why some brands work for you, whilst others don’t. If a brand works for you, then the underwire is probably right. If you have a bra and brand which fits, always start by looking at their ranges and matching cup seams, shoulder straps, band depth and design to their range.  Underwires should always sit flat against the body and run around the bust without digging in at the front or the sides.

So, the bra really is the key to making the most of all your wardrobe choices. If it’s wrong, your other clothes will be the wring size or style or just won’t look right. The best fashion buy is your bra. It makes the most of you and the other clothes you wear.

Founder of Bra Sense Ltd
Email: web: Tel: 0044 (0)1530 274840  Twitter: @brasense

Wow - thanks to Sara for being so generous with her advice and great pics to illustrate.  I'm going online as I feel a new bra purchase about to be made.

Yours uplifted, Lady Mirror Ball (32F and proud)

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