Saturday, September 8, 2012

Colour Trends For This Autumn & Winter ...

I know that summer is not quite over;  infact as I write it is a gloriously sunny day here in Rorbas at Mirror Ball Studios and also, I believe, in the UK.  So I'm not suggesting you pack up the summer brights and pastels just yet but a bit of forward planning never hurt.

Today I'm bringing you the colours that you will be wearing this Autumn & Winter; certainly the colours that are going to be all over the shops.

These are THE colours that have been BIG news on catwalks and which designers have been in love with since last year when they started showing their collections.

What to expect?  
Well, I've compiled the Autumn/Winter 2012 

Dea London - great A/W
collection - lace remains big
& softens spruce

10.  Navy is big - it's this year's alternative to black.

9.    Leather is a big fabric this year and has also influenced the shades of brown that we will see.  Expect them to be antiqued and leathery in their colour.  

8.   Olive is often the most popular shade of green for Autumn/Winter collections but this year you will see it become stronger, darker and more of a spruce green, as trends also go military on us.

7.   Lovers of brights don't despair as they remain very much on trend - think of them as accents or contrast shades but also the choice for evening wear too - think Cobalt Blue, Emerald and Ruby Red.

Colour Blocking is a
trend to stay.  Note
GOLD is the colour
of accessories
6.   The bright yellow trend of summer will stay around (and I predict will remain very fashionable next spring) but it will soften a little for winter to a more dusky yellow.

5.   Reds are warming up with orange, blood and tomato tones being the most in demand.

4.  Meanwhile,  the usual festive berry colours will be much more rich toned with less blackening.  Think a little more raspberry than blackberry.

3.   My autumnal favourite of Camel (a colour I LOVE but which doesn't love me so much) goes all 'coffee with cream' on us.  But we'll see more shades of cappuccino than espresso.

2. Dove grey is the new ivory, while lighter greys replace the usual charcoals.
501W12 - product images  of
Dea London - more great
designs & office wear for
curves & in on trend

1. But the NUMBER 1 COLOUR FOR AUTUMN WINTER IS ........................................BURGUNDY..........................................
Burgundy - expect to see it everywhere and across everything.  Not sure?  Try it in a bag, shoes or belt but it would make a really lovely alternative for evening wear.   For a very quick fix burgundy shades of lipstick are dramatic & luxe.
Be careful how you contrast burgundy in your wardrobe as it can look a little 'team/school wear'.

Which is your favourite and what colour will you be adding to your wardrobe this winter?

Yours, loving the sun but looking forward to the fall of the leaves
Lady MB xxx

PS:  Check out for unique professional and smart options for curvy girls.  What I love is that Dea has embraced fantastic colours and detailing.  More on this collection in forthcoming blogs.

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