Monday, September 24, 2012

Colour At The Crackers ...

Ranvir Singh
...of Dawn, that is.  

What do you do if you have to look good but work demands you to be up at the most un-godly of hours - or at the 'crackers' as a director at my partner organisation Colour Me Beautiful calls it.  Crackers - literally, me thinks.  But we've got to do what we've to do so we should do it it style, no?  

Think about early morning televsion presenters and perhaps we could steal some of their style savvy.  Ok, ok; so they are going to be seen by millions while 'we' generally are not but just imagine for a moment you were....hmm...would you do thinkgs differently?  You'll notice that their styles are all quite different but I think their success is mostly down to wearing good colours.   
ITV Daybreak’s (UK & Swiss UPC) Ranvir Singh cleverly uses a shift dress and jacket - or a skirt, top and jacket - combination as her basic uniform, but she wears them in an array of colours (colours that compliment her) throughout the week for variety.  It works perfectly and surely makes getting dressed for TV early in the morning a lot easier.   Interestingly, although she looks like a Deep colouring (black hair, dark skin), the vibrant colours are the most flattering on her, so she could be a Clear, like me.
Susanna Reid in the blue Asos dress
Susanna - dress from ASOS
BBC Breakfast (UK & Swiss UPC) presenter Susanna Reid equally uses colour to her advantage.  Whilst there was a bit of a stir around her choice of clothes last year with comments on her rather low-cut, very tight dresses (not to mention the flash of suspenders) she has fortunately become more groomed, careful and professional bout what she wears. 

Lorraine Kelly
But my personal favourite is fellow Scot Lorraine Kelly, who I think gets it right most mornings, looking fresh, fun, trendy and profesional.  And, as she has a new gig on the brand new  Daybreak Sofa she has to take extra care - that set presents A LOT of colour competition.

It is difficult for most of us to dress well and appropriately for the job on a daily basis, especially when we want to express a bit of our own style personality too.  But putting on some colour first thing in the morning - even if it is just a great lipstick - is the best energy booster.  It will bring life to your complexion, make you look more awake and ready for the day, even when you feel it least.

I love colour but that set is BRIGHT
Get your most flattering colours ready for the dark winter mornings ahead and sparkle, sparkle, sparkle. 

Catriona, aka Lady Mirror Ball x
Thanks to Colour Me Beautiful for the inspiration.

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