Friday, August 24, 2012

Body Shapes: Supermodel Rhubarbs ...

I was trying to think of a nice and fruity way of describing those of us, though not me, who are long, lean, athletic and slim.  Stylists call you ladies Rulers or lean Columns but a fellow stylist, Denise, suggested Rhubarb as being a much more fruity and lovely term of reference for your straight figures.  Yes ladies you are the long, straight and not at all curvy among us.  You have lean limbs and a straight rib cage with no waist definition, slender bottoms and are relatively flat chested.  You are the supermodels amongst us! And yes ladies you have the figures that most fashion designers, catwalks and movie stars covet.

Your Good Mirror Day: I am slim with lean limbs and am flat all over and can embrace almost any style of clothing.  

This is the winner!
Gwynnie showing how to do
& how not to do block colour
sheath dresses!
Your Bad Mirror Day:  All my clothes make me look straight up and down, like a ruler.  I'd love some curve to my bust and bottom
Shopping Challenges: Fitting clothes around my middle and embracing feminine styles.  
Famous Rhubarbs  (lean columns):  Keira Knightley, Gwyneth Paltrow, Kate Hudson & Kate Moss

Top Tips: Faking Hourglass Curves in 3 simple steps: 

  1. Clever positioning of volume suggests curves - think tulip skirts, boot cut jeans, peplums, puffed sleeves, draping.
  2. Layering textures with light knitwear, lengths and colour makes you appear curvy and breaks up your straight lines.
  3. Show off you legs in tight fitting trousers - balance skinnies with layers or choose flared or boot cut leg with tight fitting tops.

Stylist Tips: 
  • Wearing tailored jackets with a single button at the waist will draw the eye to the waist. 
  • Wearing stripes cleverly gives your curves 
  • Sheath dresses are your best friend but try not to wear all one colour from top to toe and if you do add a layer on top or jewellery
  • Curiously, wearing long line jewellery that finishes at your waist line emphasises your slim silhouette but draws the eye to your centre point suggesting curves.  
  • If anyone looks good in a polo neck its you.
  • For evening wear you look fantastic in asymmetric and spaghetti straps.
Take Care - maybe best avoid:
    kate hudson white house correspondents dinner 09
  • A straight pencil skirt with a shirt tucked in - the best way to emphasise that you have no waist.
  • Gwynnie again - showing how to fake curves if you
    are a fruity Rhubarb shape
  • One colour in top to toe sheath or column shaped dress.  Note.  You will notice that Kate gets away with it in the picture below because of the curve to the neck, the kick flare, the 3D of the sequins and colour contrast in the black.  Her hair styling really helps add curve.  Gwyneth doesn't get away with this in the full length white or gold dresses shown.
Columns and Rhubarbs Rule!
Lady Mirror Ball xxx

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