Monday, August 6, 2012

Body Shapes. Kiss Me, I'm A Kate ...

So it's all about body shapes this week and we are starting with all you gorgeous ladies out there with the same body shape as the lovely Kate.

Ok, ok so few of us are as slim and narrow as Kate herself but lots of us have this body shape.  While Kate is an inverted triangle the rest of us are a little more curvy, more of a strawberry than a flat triangle.  Whichever best describes you the same rules apply.  So if you are long legged luscious strawberry then jump into the fashion fruit bowl with some quick advice. 

Your Good Mirror Day: I have great legs and a small bottom.

Your Bad Mirror Day:   My top half is so much wider than my bottom half and where is my waist?   
Shopping Challenges: Shopping for dresses is a nightmare as my top half is a least a whole size bigger than my bottom half and sometimes that's because of my back not my bust.  With trousers and pencil skirts I have to buy a bigger size to fit my waist not my bum!
Famous Inverted Triangles: Kate Middleton, Demi Moore, Catherine Zeta Jones and Sarah Jessica Parker.  BUT remember you don't have to be incredibly slim or flat to be an inverted triangle.  In-fact us non celeb strawberries tend to be fuller on the back and round our top halves and though we narrow at the waist compared to she shoulder it is still larger than our hip.

This dress is a great choice for an Inverted Triangle.  Why?
Well it pulls attention to the sweetheart area while the lace paneling at the waist suggests a curve, the narrow detailing also enhances the illusion of a waist and the flare & pleating create a fuller hip & bottom.
My only criticism is that there is not enough flare at the waist & hip.  This could have been fixed with less detail at the shoulder - perhaps only a sheer shoulder rather than the pleating of the lace.  But hey, that's me being fussy.

Top Tips:  Faking Hourglass Curves in 4 simple steps
    River Island Animal Print Peplum Skirt - great for strawberry ladies as it narrows the top half, creates curves in the centre, pull the focus down the body, provides curve round the shapely bottom and shows off the amazing legs
  1. Soften Your Shoulder & Back Line - with soft scoops, sweetheart necklines, v-necks 
  2. Define Your Waist - with a low slung belt or top that sits just above your hip line or a wrap top.  Choose nipped in jackets but leave them open or go for long line cardigans left open to draw the eye down.
  3. Create Soft Curves Round Your Bottom - boot cut jeans balance you out and give the illusion of an hourglass but as you have great pins you look good in any style.  Skirts of any style look good but full skirts create the illusion of hourglass.  Tulip shaped and slim skirts with a kick pleat or flare are made for you but pencil skirts might accentuate a flat bottom and wide waist so take care.  
  4. Show Off Your Legs
Stylist Tips: 
  • I often find clients who are strawberries look great and more balanced if they wear the same base colour through their whole outfit.
  • This season's Peplums are your friend.
  • Finish your tops / hang a bag from the shoulder such that it fall at your hip line, as this is the narrowest part of your body.
  • Casual Layering - soft flowing layers that bring attention down your body line and create the illusion of balanced width at your hip - see pic above.

Take Care - maybe best avoid:
  • Lots of shoulder focus - epaulettes, puffs and shoulder pads 
  • Elasticated waists 
  • Loud patterns on your top half
  • Tunics worn as dresses - only if they are A Line and worn with a low slung belt
  • Halter necks - hmm.  Well these can look fantastic as some narrow your line while some will make it look even more pronounced.  If it creates a sweetheart neckline then go for it but if it shouts for your shoulders don't do it.
  • Tucked in tops 
So ladies - where's the cream?
Lady Mirror Ball xxx

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