Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Body Shapes: All The Queens ...

Queen Latifah looking fab and curvy
through soft tailoring and great contrast.

.....are Rectangular .

If you have been reading my blog over the last few days you will know that we have been having a whistle stop tour of the key body shapes and having a think about how best to embrace our shape.  This last week the theme really has been curves but today we move onto the ladies among us for whom 'curves' don't really exist.  

These are our straight up and down ladies, often actually the envy of us fruity ladies.  These are the girls we describe as Athletic, Rectangular, Straight up and Down, Columns, Fashion Model Figured or Bricks. 

I'm still searching for a flattering alternative to the name Rectangle or Brick - all suggestions welcome.    

If you are one,  then you will be one of two types:  The Rectangle or The Lean Column.  Basically the former is a wider, slightly heavier or fuller  version of the latter,  with the latter being the Supermodel figure.  The good news is that both of these are among the easier to dress as there is little that is disproportionate about your figure.  The problem comes when you want a more feminine look.  

Today we'll explore the wardrobe world of the rectangle.

Your Good Mirror Day: I have a bottom and hips to die for and nice straight lines to work with.  I'm lucky as most things suit me.

Both rectangles cleverly adding waist definition
through detail that lies off centre and with the focus
at the top and straight skirts - perfect.
Your Bad Mirror Day:   I have no curves.  I'm straight up and down and wide with it. A heavier bust gives me a softer edge but when I put on weight it goes on all over including onto my thighs.  In the main though I don't even have boobs to speak of.
Shopping Challenges: Fitting clothes around my middle and embracing feminine styles.  
Famous Rectangles:  Cameron Diaz, Kim Cattral (Samantha), Nicole Kidman, The Queen & Queen Latifah (Queen Latifah is a full rectangle and can also appear more apple shaped.  I say she is a rectangle because she is wider rather than deep and has heavy hips/thighs in proportion to her  shoulder line but is relatively flat).

Top Tips:  Faking Hourglass Curves in 3 simple steps:

  1. Create Curves To The Top
  2. Embrace Your Straight & Slender Bottom
  3. Surrender Your Waist  

If you are a wider or a heavier rectangle:

  1. Love Your Top Half 
  2. Create A Nipped Waist Through Illusion
  3. Add Curve To Your Bottom

Stylist Tips: 
  • Waistcoats worn as a layer over a shirt gives you great curves as do softly wrapped jersey tops.
  • Wearing softly tailored jackets with a curve at the waist look fantastic on you. 
  • Wearing horizontal strips cleverly give your curves - see lovely lady above.
  • Rectangles often look great in geometric prints as these create curves.
  • Rectangles can really suit simple layering particularly a waterfall style light cardigan or jacket worn over a top that is belted.  Because you cannot see where the bet wraps around the wait your waist will look smaller.
  • Sheath dresses and trousers are made for you.  Trousers love you.
  • PEPLUMS!!!  Yay a body type, like the Strawb, that can rock this year's trend.
  • Wearing all one colour - top to toe without any visual breaks
  • Wearing a pattern, a la Queen Latifah below, that actually broadens you by highlighting your rectangular frame.
  • Bias cut fabrics and clothes
  • Straight box style jackets 

The world doesn't need to be round.  It's equally beautiful with a few corners.

Lady Mirror Ball xxx

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