Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Body Shapes: What Makes Up 60% Of Our Fruit Bowl?

Staying with curvy silhouettes today we are going down from the shoulders, past the middles and there it is the bottom; the hips; the thighs.  Love them or loathe them, if your fruit bowl has them in abundance, as mine does, then you are like me a PEAR or a Triangle.

  • Did you know that 60% of British Women Are Officially Pear Shaped.
Me - a pear with boobs
What we all have in common is that we carry all our biggest inch measurements on our backsides and everything associated to it - so that means we have heavy thighs, wide hips and a big bottom (though not necessarily a sticky out bottom). 

While this may give us ladies much to malign it also gives us much to celebrate as we have neat top halves, with a narrow back matched with slightly sloping shoulders and probably a fabulously small waist.  Often we're quite flat on the front but we can be fuller on the bust.  

Often full pears who have a bigger bust think they are an hourglass which can make for some fashion disasters so the key giveaway is that the hip line will be wider than the shoulder line.  
  • To give you an example:  I am a 38, 29, 43 - so a big difference between my back and my hip.  By big bosoms mean I am a 'full pear' with my bust accounting for a full 6 inches of my 38 inch measurement.

In my experience - that being with my own body and those of others -  most pears will also have a high waist combined with a short middle torso.

Your Good Mirror Day: I have a fantastically small waist and neat back/bust.  

Your Bad Mirror Day:   My waist is lost between the expanse that is my bottom and my thighs are so heavy they spoil every outfit.  Wearing a belt makes me look like boobs on a bottom but without a belt I look like a triangle.
Shopping Challenges: Having to buy bigger sizes to accommodate my bottom, sometimes 2 to 3 dress sizes large than my waist.  Clothes grip my hips but I gape around my waist.  Shift dresses, pencil skirts and trousers are my absolute nightmare.
Famous Triangles /Pears: Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce, Eva Longoria, Kim Kardashian, Charlotte Church, Holly Willoughby, Jennifer Love Hewitt.

Pears Looking Good And Less Good On Casual Pear Day 
WRONG J-Lo on the left - gorgeous clothes but not well put together for a pear.
Sweater finishes at the widest part of her hip, flat shoes with capri pants/leggings shorten her leg
which highlights the width of her hips and bottom. Trousers too figure hugging round the thigh.
Exacerbated by huge bag that also stops at the hip and ankle length trousers with flat shoes which make her
looker shorter than she is.  This look shortens and widens J-Lo.

 RIGHT Meanwhile Jennifer Love Hewitt gets the pear shaped casual look just right - teamed with boot cut jeans
that fall to her lower heel teamed with the sweater, finishing before the widest part of her hip  Matching with heart shaped sunglasses definitely pulls the eye up her body.  She looks long, curvy and in proportion. 

Top Tips:  Faking Hourglass Curves in 4 simple steps: 
  1. Balance Your Hips at Your Shoulders - add width up top
  2. Draw Attention Up & Across - not down 
  3. Narrow Your Bottom  - with simple lines & darker colours
  4. Heels - To lengthen your curvy lower leg.
Holly Willoughby - Dressing Perfectly For Her Pear Shape.  All the attention and detail goes to the top half  with flutter sleeves broadening the shoulder line and a cinched in waist slightly higher up her body.  Floaty fabric skims the hips while heels lengthen the slim calf area.

Stylist Tips: 
  • There is a split camp among stylists about the Pear and the halterneck.  I say they look fantastic if the strap isn't too heavy or if the bust isn't too heavy.  For me halternecks draw the eye up and expose the shoulder line, making it look wider and draw attention to lovely busts.
  • Deep Vs, Scoops, Horizontal Stripes, Boat Neck, Flutter Sleeves - all are your best friend.
  • Boot cut, boot cut, boot cut - BUT - a slim trousers can look fantastic if teamed with a top that falls below the hip without gripping it.  A slim trouser where your bottom is hidden will make your legs look very long, slim (as the focus will be on your lower leg, it will create the illusion that this is the width of your leg all the way up).  Fab if teamed with high heels.
  • Ladies, make friends with a dressmaker who will make much loved skirts and dresses fit you properly on the waist and shoulder.
  • Beyonce getting in right in 'formal'
    empire line, shoulder pads and deep v!  Perfect.
  • Believe it or not hipster trousers when worn with a slim jumper/top can make your bottom look smaller and make your waist look lower.  The top tip is not to show the top of the trouser and do not wear a belt with said trouser or jean.

  • Elasticated waists and peplums - sorry pear ladies, this season's top trend is not for you.
  • Wide belts - which may make you look like boobs on a bum
  • Pockets, embellishment and hip detailing on trousers - no front pleats.  Flat front if you can.
  • Stiff A-line from the waist - it only makes you look wider than you really are.
  • Anything resting or finishing on your hip line - jackets, handbags, sleeve length
  • Loud Pattern or lightest shade on your bottom half.
So pretty perfect pears, the bottoms have it I say.
Lady Mirror Ball xxx

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