Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Body Shapes: Pink Ladies ...

Back into the fruit bowl ladies and today its time to pick out the juiciest fruit in the bowl - a luscious Pink Lady .... Apple.  

Are you an apple body shape?  If so you will think of  yourself as round but you have great legs and neat bust area.  While many of you may be plus size - more round -  many of you are also petite - more diamond shaped - and many of you appear more rectangular - neat apples.  

What you will have in common is that you carry all your biggest inch measurements on your waist line and most weight between your hips and your shoulders - right around your middle.  You match it with a fantastically neat bottom proportionately smaller bust and great limbs.

Your Good Mirror Day: I have great legs and a small bottom.  

Your Bad Mirror Day:   I have no waist and have a big circle of weight around my middle.  I hate my tummy which I can't hide and carry weight round my back too.
Shopping Challenges: Having to buy bigger sizes to accommodate your middle but that don't fit your shoulders or bottom.  Having to buy width to accommodate depth which can make tailored clothes a nightmare.
Famous Rounds /Apples: Jennifer Hudson, Oprah Winfrey, Ferne Britton, Adele and Lorraine Kelly BUT remember you can be a petite round or a very full round.  Some rounds are a little more diamond shaped than others while others are broad apples with fuller shoulders and busts.

Top Tips:  Faking Hourglass Curves in 4 simple steps
  1. Balance Your Middle by Details To Neck and Hemline Areas
  2. Draw Attention Up & Down (neck & legs) Not Across
  3. Show Off Your Legs
  4. Create A Waist Through Illusion 
Apple body - pants
pic at  Great Casual Looks For Apples Embracing Top Tips For Creating An Hourglass.
Stylist Tips: 
  • Apples look great in dresses that flow from the empire line or where, like Adele they have sheer panelling around the soft shoulder line and show off some leg.
  • You tend to rock the tunic and leggings look but make sure top has scooped or some type of open neck with lots of detail at the neck - necklace etc.
  • Always have tops or jackets finish at your hip line.
  • Wrapping, side ruching and low slung belts suggest a waist
  • Accessories are your friend.
  • Elasticated waists and peplums - sorry round ladies, this season's top trend is not for you.
  • Tunics worn as dresses - only if they are A Line and do not add a belt
  • Overly structured jackets in stiff fabrics as these add bulk and will move with your back and middle rather than your shoulders. If you really like this look go for softer fabrics such as linen or light cotton or very drapey crepe and waterfall styles.
  • Tucked in tops 
  • Round neck t-shirts 
  • Bulky Jumpers
  • Anything with a High Waist
So ladies you can be golden and delicious.  What's not to like?
Lady Mirror Ball xxx

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