Saturday, July 7, 2012

Weekly Coffee, Colour & Cake.....NEONS!

I am always drawn to Neutrals - Camel is my current favourite and this is despite my knowing only too well that camel and I don't wear well when worn next to the face.  I try to make up for the rather pallor complexion I get from camel by mixing it with some brighter shades and I think I get away with it.

That said I also can't resist a pink but then I'm a Gemini and at constant odds with my natural eclectic tendencies which constantly battle my alter ego, 'city chic' wannabe self.

Neons, on the other hand.....hmmm.  Never.  Or never say never?

As a teenager of the 80's I'm not sure I will ever see neon shades of colour in the same way again.  Not since Miss McLure, High School Year 2 Maths Teacher, turned up to class in odd neon socks have I ever been able to take neon seriously.  It's the shade for cheap shop signage is it not?  Kitsch at best but surely not a lasting colour trend?  

Miss McLure - your legacy lives on!
Well Neons are around and big this this summer....  In fact I was perusing a lovely bright pink top up in a shop just last week when the shop assistant reassuringly told me that 'that shade of neon pink will suit you'.  NEON screamed and flashed in front of me in well NEON lights.  I almost put it straight down hopeful that only said shop assistant had seen me looking at it.  Then I looked a again.  Was that pink top really Neon pink?   Neon could of course have been redefined in the last 30 years but I didn't think so.  Though when I looked again it did have a certain warm, bright, strobe glow to it.  

Yep on reflection it probably would transcend darkness but my dramatic side liked it and so it was I found myself planning on how nice it would look if I matched my toe nails to it.  I got to thinking about top tips for embracing Neon in your wardrobe .......

why not mix them with your favourite neutrals?
neons + neutrals


Neon shades are indeed fashionable this summer but they are not a lasting trend, unlike neutrals, so always spend more on the neutrals.  By embracing high fashion at a lower cost in some key pieces within your wardrobe you can really embrace a new youthful look and have fun too.  

Try and think of any outfit in terms of 2/3rds your lasting style and 1/3rd high fashion. 

PS:  Some of the pieces featured here are quite expensive but this is just to give you some inspiration rather than to recommend specific items. 

PPS: Only the very youthful, very brave or very creative can get away with a rainbow of neon but if you mix it with neutral - voila - a chicly youthful, current and on trend look. 

Yours transcending darkness and quite liking it ... Lady Mirror Ball  xxx

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