Friday, July 20, 2012

Personal Style Month .... better late than never

Aspire to Audrey ...
How can today be Friday?  This is a question that I too often pose as time flashes before me.  And with this quiet observation so to comes a confession.  I have been neglecting my musings!  I know, I know.

It's not so much that I have purposefully neglected you it's just that it has been such a busy month.  So busy that I find myself a whole month late with my previously promised Style Month.

And so as they say 'there's no time like the present'.  It starts today - a full month of Personal Style fabulousness, inspiration, musings, tips, advice and hopefully some fun.

First of all here's what I believe.

...or Beyonce?
I believe that everyone but everyone but everyone can look super stylish.  This has nothing to do with diets or budgets or glamorous lifestyles and neither does it have anything to do with lack of time or busy schedules or a focus on kids/bills/work (delete as appropriate) or lack of 'ocassion'.

Every day could be, SHOULD BE, a stylish one.
(ok, so I admit we all need a slovenly day off or too)

Why?  Well your style creates an image and image is important.  It's important to others because it acts as a signal to others.  When you feel good, you are more confident, you stand straighter, you smile more and you even speak with more conviction.  Simply put:


My Top Tips For Success. You should wear clothes and exude a personal style that:...

1)  Accentuates YOU & YOUR assets - your colouring and your silhouette (not Audrey Hepburn's or Beyonce's).

2) Is Appropriate - by that I don't mean safe.  No, what I mean is that you choose a style that reflects your lifestyle or the occasion  or changes you want to make - whether that be professional, casual and relaxed or formal - or a mix of all three.  

Charlotte, Carrie, Miranda and Samantha - all super stylish
but with very different takes on style.  Which are you?
3) Is A Perfect Fit For Your Style Personality.  We all have 'taste' in clothing and colours.  Some of us like Kate Middleton while others, myself included, prefer Dita Von Teese; some of us like vintage while others wouldn't consider anything other than designer.  Some like lots of  accessories and others like none.  It is your style personality that will pull together the lines and shape of your wardrobe.

4) Looks Current.  Honestly, nothing ages you more than clothes that have been put together in such a way that they look a decade out of fashion.  Likewise nothing ages a woman more than having NO STYLE - think scruffy joggers when you're not at the gym.  Of course there are some high fashion hits that come and go every year but trends tend to stay around for at least half a decade or so- think Nude Shoes for example.  
Nude Shoes - Trend not a fashion fad.
Why don't I own a pair yet?

The Stylish lady understands trends and may use high fashion to add fun and personality to her wardrobe.  Again this does not mean you can't have 10 year old items in your wardrobe; heavens I have a skirt that is 20 years old this week and I still love it but it does mean take care that your styling isn't out of date or if a fan of specific styling (vintage, pin up, 1920's etc) take care you don't look as if  you are in fancy dress.

With that in mind here's to a month of all things STYLE.  
Love, Lady Mirror Ball xxx
PS:  Tomorrow ..... accentuating you and your assets.... x

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