Saturday, July 21, 2012

Accentuate Your Assets ...

I do it, You do it, We all do it.

We stand in front of the mirror and wish that our backside and it's presence from our knees to our waist wasn't quite so vast.  Ok, ok so that's just me but indeed when we look in the mirror we are generally programmed to focus on what we don't much like and so it follows that when we make our clothing choices we tend to select garments on the basis of what will hide those elements.  We should stop this with immediate effect because thinking this way impacts on our personal style .  Instead ladies we should be concentrating on ACCENTUATING OUR ASSETS!

Style is not about your size or shape really - though those things do feature in making good choices.  Nope the fit of your clothes is the foundation of style.  So this Style Month we're going to start by knowing your basic body shape;  what you've got that's fabulous, what is not quite so fabulous and what could be fabulous.   

While fashion catwalks, designers and the new celebrity media tend to favour super slender, waif like bodies with washboard stomachs and super slim limbs science would infact have it that women are actually designed to have curves. That's not to say that if you are super slender you are not super sexy of course.  Indeed if you have a naturally waif like figure you can look super 'cool'.  And that leads me to one fundamental truth:

We Cannot Fundamentally Alter Our 
Basic Body Lines By Diet or Exercise !

(though we can reduce them, slim them, narrow them our natural silhouette will stay the same because it's based on our skeleton and our genes.)

Fashion designers tend to follow one of two routes in constructing clothes.  They either follow a straight line giving their garments a more rigid, structured form or along curved lines which give a more fluid shape that tends to follow the curves of the body.  The 'high street' designs for hourglass proportions, sizing them up or down to create standard sizing.

There is also of course much fuss made about the 'hour-glass' as being the real and true epitome of perfection.  Why is this?  Well essentially this is considered the most desirable body shape for 3 reasons:

1) It is a balanced body shape.  We love balance.  Our brain processes this balance and symmetry as attractive.

2) It is the shape that most clothes are designed to fit - a proportionate shoulder to waist to hip ratio and when you don't have that clothes become difficult to fit.

3) It is considered feminine - as opposed to masculine which is lean and straight and as such more attractive to men.  This is a proven scientific fact though not necessarily a reason in itself to seek out the skills of a personal stylist.   Furthermore most women, despite admiring the supermodels' skill to carry of any look, aspire to this silhouette.

As a stylist,  when I work with clients most want to work with their figure and their wardrobes to create the illusion of a balanced body or a neat hourglass figure where:
  • Your Shoulders and hips are in line
  • You have a defined bust
  • You have a waist - even if you do have a curving tummy
  • A defined hip and bottom.
This is the basis from which I generally work and I have a treasure trove of tips and tricks to achieve this whatever your body line - more to come.  But first .....what body shape are you?  I work on the basis of 7 key shapes.  We'll explore each of them more in dedicated posts so stay tuned......  

Which are you, do you think?  

It might seem obvious but often ladies, we kid ourselves; we see things that are not there.  The most common mistake I have seen is in the waist and hips department which we tend to over or underestimate and which most ladies get hung up on - so be honest with yourself.  There's no shame in any of these fabulous figures.

Yours, a juicy and full busted pear (inverted triangle).
Lady Mirror Ball x

PS:  Monday is inverted triangle day

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