Friday, July 27, 2012

50 Shades of Grey ...

It's Hot and It's This Season's Must Have ....

Moschino Cheap & Chic  wink cashmere knit
One of My Favourites

....and if more good news were needed you'll find that shades of grey suit everyone while also making for a fantastic neutral base.  Try wearing grey with emerald green, red, bright pink and yellow or other neutrals such as camel, for real stand out.

So ladies if we're not all as lucky as Ana and if we are missing our very own Mr Grey – hey what the hell, even if we're not - why not indulge in a little bit of BDSM of your own - that being Beautiful, Damned Stylish & Marvellous.  

Untold Lace deep suspender Grey - House of Fraser
Something your very own Mr Grey, or just for you

See my most favourite handsome, beautiful, gorgeous, sexy marvellous ways to embrace Grey into your 
Wardrobe This Year on my  PINTEREST page.  

What do you think of Grey?

Yours with silvery grey sparkle and a new penchant for BDSM, Lady Mirror Ball xx

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Accentuate Your Assets ...

I do it, You do it, We all do it.

We stand in front of the mirror and wish that our backside and it's presence from our knees to our waist wasn't quite so vast.  Ok, ok so that's just me but indeed when we look in the mirror we are generally programmed to focus on what we don't much like and so it follows that when we make our clothing choices we tend to select garments on the basis of what will hide those elements.  We should stop this with immediate effect because thinking this way impacts on our personal style .  Instead ladies we should be concentrating on ACCENTUATING OUR ASSETS!

Style is not about your size or shape really - though those things do feature in making good choices.  Nope the fit of your clothes is the foundation of style.  So this Style Month we're going to start by knowing your basic body shape;  what you've got that's fabulous, what is not quite so fabulous and what could be fabulous.   

While fashion catwalks, designers and the new celebrity media tend to favour super slender, waif like bodies with washboard stomachs and super slim limbs science would infact have it that women are actually designed to have curves. That's not to say that if you are super slender you are not super sexy of course.  Indeed if you have a naturally waif like figure you can look super 'cool'.  And that leads me to one fundamental truth:

Friday, July 20, 2012

Personal Style Month .... better late than never

Aspire to Audrey ...
How can today be Friday?  This is a question that I too often pose as time flashes before me.  And with this quiet observation so to comes a confession.  I have been neglecting my musings!  I know, I know.

It's not so much that I have purposefully neglected you it's just that it has been such a busy month.  So busy that I find myself a whole month late with my previously promised Style Month.

And so as they say 'there's no time like the present'.  It starts today - a full month of Personal Style fabulousness, inspiration, musings, tips, advice and hopefully some fun.

First of all here's what I believe.

...or Beyonce?
I believe that everyone but everyone but everyone can look super stylish.  This has nothing to do with diets or budgets or glamorous lifestyles and neither does it have anything to do with lack of time or busy schedules or a focus on kids/bills/work (delete as appropriate) or lack of 'ocassion'.

Every day could be, SHOULD BE, a stylish one.
(ok, so I admit we all need a slovenly day off or too)

Why?  Well your style creates an image and image is important.  It's important to others because it acts as a signal to others.  When you feel good, you are more confident, you stand straighter, you smile more and you even speak with more conviction.  Simply put:


My Top Tips For Success. You should wear clothes and exude a personal style that:...

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Weekly Coffee, Colour & Cake.....NEONS!

I am always drawn to Neutrals - Camel is my current favourite and this is despite my knowing only too well that camel and I don't wear well when worn next to the face.  I try to make up for the rather pallor complexion I get from camel by mixing it with some brighter shades and I think I get away with it.

That said I also can't resist a pink but then I'm a Gemini and at constant odds with my natural eclectic tendencies which constantly battle my alter ego, 'city chic' wannabe self.

Neons, on the other hand.....hmmm.  Never.  Or never say never?