Monday, June 18, 2012

Sneaky Peak Into The Mirror Ball Studios Diary...

I'm a Pear - what are you?
... I am planning ahead.  

Yes it seems that things have got a bit hectic of late so time to sit down in the amazingly bright Zurich sunshine - it's so hot here today at around 30 degrees! - and think about my forthcoming Style month.  

Arriving in July Style month is where I am dedicating a whole 4 weeks to all things Personal Styling.  So to get us ready I'll be blogging on all things body: 

  • from body shapes to 
  • face shapes 
  • top tips for apples (no apple pies recipes I'm afraid)
  • how to balance your hips if you're a pears 
  • how to add curves for the lusciously lean columns and
  • why your spirit matters in radiating your style

Do you know which body shape you are?

I'll also be bringing you, brace yourself, all things Autumn/Winter 2012.  I know, I must apologise for mentioning the W word but you know, to be prepared is to be super stylish. So on the end of summer horizon is:
  • an Autumn/Winter style update colour & style
  • ideas for your work wardrobe
  • what's trending from catwalk to high street
  • winter colour combinations that you should try 
  • & something for us ladies that are fuller figured 

Thinking of your own personal style...
...what is your number 1 dilemma?
(leave me a comment / questions & I'll try to cover it - confidentiality assured ;-))

But before I go these fabulous colour palettes give you a sneaky peak of some of the colourful style treats making their appearance here at Mirror Ball Studios soon.  

How many days til July?  Oooohhh it's like the 12 days of Christmas come early.

color hop
This little fella could show us ladies a thing or two about colour
blocking this winter - he's wearing Tangarine Orange well!
Thanks to Design Seeds
Rich Berry & Leaf Tones
Coming  Soon
Thanks to Design Seeds

Here's to the sunny days of and summer cocktails
Lady Mirror Ball xxx

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