Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Blossoms At Your Fingertips ...

Here in the Zurich countryside, Mother Nature has been quite moody this year and I never quite know whether I'm coming or going; in summer skirts or winter woolies.  I am however, lucky enough to live on the edge of a protected nature reserve - Mirror Ball Studios is here too -  and as such have daily views of beautiful flowers, trees, colours and all things nature.  There's even cows with ginormous noisy bells.  Somehow it all still looks fresh and charming even when soaking wet - unlike me.

Mirror Ball Studio's favourite blossom tree
being cruelly cut down today!
But something awful occurred today at Mirror Ball Studios.  Something that had me shocked, then sad. The most beautiful blossom tree that ever was, was cut down!  Right before my very eyes and I can't believe it.  Words fail me and for once I am rendered speechless.  If my German were better I would have staged a very noisy protest.

Blossom tree in Jan of this year.

And so my blossoms are gone before they were even in bloom. I was feeling a little glum when something a little serendipitous came my way.  

A lovely article on creating blossoms on your fingertips - in the shape of nail art.  Now those of you who know me well will know that I love all thing floral though I have moved away from throwing them all over my body to embracing them more often in my interior choices instead - though I still like a floral dress or two in my wardrobe.  Certainly though I've never considered florals on my nails.  

Those of you who know me well will also know that I am not usually a fan of extensively decorated or intricate nail art as I find it all a bit gussy and prone to being needlessly 'glitzy'.  but I think my mind may be a changing after stumbling upon this fantastic nail art inspiration; courtesy of Stylist.com.   It may be that I stumbled across this at a weak moment or perhaps it was meant to be.

Either way I think my head has been turned by the gorgeous print, the summery colour scheme and 
the suggestion of summer meadow flowers.  To get the look you are going to have to get a bit handy with fiddly bits but the base colour is OPI Gargantuan Green Grape topped off with some water decals (try NailGrafx)and top coat.  Nails are a great and simple way of embracing a bit of colour but here are some quick tips:
1)  have a think about what you're wearing your nail colour with.  Not everything goes with everything.

2)  try to pick colours that match your natural tone.  Warm or Cool.

3)  faded, chipped or peeling nails are never cool - no matter what current celebs do.

What do you think of this springtime-inspired nail art? Would you wear it? Tell me your thoughts in the comments section. 

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