Saturday, June 23, 2012

Just A Little Update ...

Kazu Huggler pictured in her Atelier & Shop,
Neptunstrasse 2, Zurich
Wow - just spent a wonderful afternoon at the Atelier of Kazu Huggler in Zurich in association with Tsitaliya of Lighthouse Events. I had the pleasure of the company of some wonderfully stylish and colour loving ladies as well as the most beautiful garments in a very inspirational setting.

It was nice to meet you all - I hope you enjoy your photographs and your new colour perfect purchases (oh and mirror balls).

I'll blog about our afternoon soon! ..

yours spreading the mirror ball magic, Catriona, aka Lady Mirror Ball x

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Pots or Stilettos...?

Marilyn shoes

AFP PHOTO/KENZO TRIBOUILLARD -As it Appeared in The Toronto Sun

I was flicking through my online news this morning and I cam across this most amazing image.  Like all good shoes (and artwork) it made me look twice. 

And so I got to reading and was wishing that I was in Versailles in the next month or two to join the visitors to France's Palace of Versailles, who on Monday were greeted by the unusual sight of a giant pair of stainless steel stilettos as they walked into the celebrated Hall of Mirrors.  The installation was put together using saucepans of different sizes by Portuguese sculptor Joana Vasconcelos who became the latest in a series of contemporary artists to have their works exhibited at the chateau.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Sneaky Peak Into The Mirror Ball Studios Diary...

I'm a Pear - what are you?
... I am planning ahead.  

Yes it seems that things have got a bit hectic of late so time to sit down in the amazingly bright Zurich sunshine - it's so hot here today at around 30 degrees! - and think about my forthcoming Style month.  

Arriving in July Style month is where I am dedicating a whole 4 weeks to all things Personal Styling.  So to get us ready I'll be blogging on all things body: 

  • from body shapes to 
  • face shapes 
  • top tips for apples (no apple pies recipes I'm afraid)
  • how to balance your hips if you're a pears 
  • how to add curves for the lusciously lean columns and
  • why your spirit matters in radiating your style

Do you know which body shape you are?

I'll also be bringing you, brace yourself, all things Autumn/Winter 2012.  I know, I must apologise for mentioning the W word but you know, to be prepared is to be super stylish. So on the end of summer horizon is:
  • an Autumn/Winter style update colour & style
  • ideas for your work wardrobe
  • what's trending from catwalk to high street
  • winter colour combinations that you should try 
  • & something for us ladies that are fuller figured 

Thinking of your own personal style...
...what is your number 1 dilemma?
(leave me a comment / questions & I'll try to cover it - confidentiality assured ;-))

But before I go these fabulous colour palettes give you a sneaky peak of some of the colourful style treats making their appearance here at Mirror Ball Studios soon.  

How many days til July?  Oooohhh it's like the 12 days of Christmas come early.

color hop
This little fella could show us ladies a thing or two about colour
blocking this winter - he's wearing Tangarine Orange well!
Thanks to Design Seeds
Rich Berry & Leaf Tones
Coming  Soon
Thanks to Design Seeds

Here's to the sunny days of and summer cocktails
Lady Mirror Ball xxx

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Blossoms At Your Fingertips ...

Here in the Zurich countryside, Mother Nature has been quite moody this year and I never quite know whether I'm coming or going; in summer skirts or winter woolies.  I am however, lucky enough to live on the edge of a protected nature reserve - Mirror Ball Studios is here too -  and as such have daily views of beautiful flowers, trees, colours and all things nature.  There's even cows with ginormous noisy bells.  Somehow it all still looks fresh and charming even when soaking wet - unlike me.

Mirror Ball Studio's favourite blossom tree
being cruelly cut down today!
But something awful occurred today at Mirror Ball Studios.  Something that had me shocked, then sad. The most beautiful blossom tree that ever was, was cut down!  Right before my very eyes and I can't believe it.  Words fail me and for once I am rendered speechless.  If my German were better I would have staged a very noisy protest.

Blossom tree in Jan of this year.

And so my blossoms are gone before they were even in bloom. I was feeling a little glum when something a little serendipitous came my way.  

A lovely article on creating blossoms on your fingertips - in the shape of nail art.  Now those of you who know me well will know that I love all thing floral though I have moved away from throwing them all over my body to embracing them more often in my interior choices instead - though I still like a floral dress or two in my wardrobe.  Certainly though I've never considered florals on my nails.  

Those of you who know me well will also know that I am not usually a fan of extensively decorated or intricate nail art as I find it all a bit gussy and prone to being needlessly 'glitzy'.  but I think my mind may be a changing after stumbling upon this fantastic nail art inspiration; courtesy of   It may be that I stumbled across this at a weak moment or perhaps it was meant to be.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Exclusive Fashion Event Featuring Mirror Ball Studios - 23rd June. Zurich

Photo:  Gian Marco Castelberg
Dearest lovely ladies in waiting

Well, I've been away a little of late.  Mostly this has involved me visiting the UK where I have been celebrating our Queen's Diamond Jubilee, among other things of course.  But I promise I haven't been neglecting you.   No! I have been busy working on a very special event - afterall it's not just royalty that deserve special attention, bespoke fashion creations and a stylist.  And it is not just the royal family who can access the world of couture, colour specific and catwalk clothing pieces.

For those of you who have always wanted to have that front row seat at a fashion show or been curious about the craft that is couture - the art of the atelier - then I am very excited to be able to tell you about an exclusive Fashion event taking place in 
city centre Zurich on Saturday June 23rd.  

It's going to be an event not to be missed, where I am honoured to also be guesting with a speed colour styling session.  

Read more below but do sign up quick as places are limited to around 25 lucky ladies.

Fashion meets story telling
Behind the curtains
In Kazu Huggler’s Couture Atelier

 There was a time when women had to wear corsets and crinolines, flounced petticoats and chemise-like skirts. And there was a time, when everything in the world of fashion changed. A new form of femininity was born - one that spoke of freedom, independence and experimentation; one that followed the body’s natural curves without moulding it and one that evoked endlessness.

Today only a few designers know the ancient Japanese technique that can change a woman’s silhouette in the most amazing and mystical way, creating a simplified body-clinging effect.  One of them is the Swiss-Japanese designer Kazu Huggler, whose garments re-create the kimono pattern with a rare purity and with artistic expression.

 This year Kazu Huggler is celebrating her label’s 10th anniversary, by presenting a line of her signature pieces in Tokyo.

 In celebration she will host a small Apéro 
at her Atelier in Zurich 

Join Mirror Ball Studios and me in meeting Kazu and hear the story behind her garments, the process and techniques she uses in her designs and the extraordinary symbiosis she achieves between Japanese and Swiss culture.

Mirror Ball Studios Will Be There! 
I'll be welcoming guests with an introductory workshop on the colour choices you should make, this season's hot catwalk colours and how you can uniquely embrace colour with confidence.

I'd love to see you there.

You will be able to try some of the amazing KAZU creations and also have a professional picture taken by our photographer Julie Collins (  Snacks for the Apéro will be provided by Dancoise of  Celebration Cakes

Saturdy 23d June
16:00 – 18:00
Neptunstrasse 2, 8032-Zürich
Space is limited to around 25 ladies
Cost: CHF 35
RSVP: or to me, Catriona at Mirror Ball Studios