Friday, May 25, 2012

Regal Style... some top tips straight from The Queen herself.

Our Stylish Queen

Rain or shine, town or country, home or abroad, The Queen keeps to a style she knows works for her - and every single occasion is marked by an appropriate outfit.

Over the years, we have seen her wearing cinched waist skirts, peplum jackets and many more trends that are still followed these days, and which now make all the trends in vintage shops.

In Mirror Ball (Colour Me Beautiful) Personal Styling speak, The Queen is a Classic. Her winning combination of dress + coat or jacket with matching hat has become her uniform for successful outfits. Her jackets and coats are always buttoned down neatly; the hemline has remained just below the knee for all these years and together with a shift dress, the whole outfit is beautifully coordinated.

If The Queen Were Giving Us Style Advice Here's What She'd Be Sure To Say  - even for the younger ladies amongst us.

Coats/jackets: a 3/4 sleeve (also known as bracelet sleeve) is best if you wear gloves or own magnificent...... bracelets.

Evening wear: Stick to your whites and pale shades but make them sparkly with diamante embellishments. The more luxurious the fabric, the better.

Head wear: aim for a headpiece - I say why wait for a special occasion but to stay with Regal style you should go for a a hat rather than a fascinator- preferably one with an uplifted brim so that your crowd can see you smile.

Lipstick: make sure it is in your right pink, just like HRH The Queen does with her own sugary to fuchsia pink shades.

Jewels: don't shy away from dazzling the crowds, even if yours are not the real thing. Mix pearls and diamonds for great effects.  And, layer.  I generally stick to the principals that you should have no more than 3 points of interest in your outfit but make a feature of your necklaces by layering, or go for a wonderful brooch - sometimes I pick three small brooches and cluster them on my handbag or jacket. 

Country style:
Barbour is the way to go with brogues on your feet, and a versatile twin-set.  See my earlier blog post about some of the fantastic new colours launched by Barbour.

Nude Hosiery:  Making a comeback - thanks to the younger Royals - you should always indulge in Nude Hosiery when making  a public appearance.  Fortunately today nude tights and stocking are not quite what they used to be and come in fantastic ranges, finishes, deniers and you even get toe less ones for open toes.  Here in Switzerland I notice a cultural trend for wearing nude stockings with all open toe shoes.  Frankly, I think this is a very, very bad look ladies - and I can't quite get my head round 'why?'.  So I think I need to search down some open toe nudes to introduce here in CH.

With that in hand I royally wave you off.  Have a splendid weekend my people.
Lady Mirror Ball (that's Lady but  not in the official capacity) x x

PS:  AN  IDEA - How about a Dress Like The Queen Jubilee Party - as in, pick a look from across the ages of our wonderful lady.  Off to find my gloves, petticoat and hat as we speak.

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