Friday, May 25, 2012

Jubilee Colours ...What's The Queen's Favourite Colour?

How amazing does the young Queen look with her fur trimmed outfit (faux, I hope) 

As a Brit abroad I am feeling particularly patriotic and I just couldn't let the occasion of HRH The Queen's Diamond Jubilee pass without thanking her wholeheartedly for being such a wonderful ambassador for colours and style over all these years.  This is a lady who never fails to wear colourful outfits to ensure that the stands out in any crowd.  

HRH Opening The Falkirk Wheel
24th May 2002 !  I was Marketing
Manager there at the time - wow!
It seems like yesterday x
I have been lucky enough to meet HRH on two occasions - well when I say meet what I really mean is I have been in the same room/garden as her:  Once at the opening of a major visitor attraction in Scotland, The Falkirk Wheel where I was working as Marketing Manager.  She officially opened the amazing boatlift as part of her Golden Jubilee 10 years ago today.  Wow!  I am getting on.  And then I met her again a few years later when I was lucky enough to be invited to her Royal Garden Party at the Palace of HolyroodHouse in Edinburgh.  On the first occasion she was wearing an emerald turquoise blue (pic to the left) and on the second occasion she was sunny, sunny, sunny in Lemon.

Read More to find out what the Queens favourite color is...

Our Colourful Queen

It must be reported here that the May edition of Vogue UK has done a fantastic piece of research by analysing how often The Queen wore each colours.

Of course I don't know whether HRH has been 'done' (i.e. colour-analysed), but it is to be noted that the colours she chooses are so often just perfect for her Cool colouring so I am thinking that she definitely has - either that or her stylist and fashion team have covertly done her colours and she doesn't even know it.

The Queen with her white hair and pale blue eyes is now a Cool; however as a young woman with dark hair and bright blue eyes she was a Clear just like me. Indeed, most women as they age will find that their skin tone and their hair colours change, and also their eyes. So, it is worth rethinking your colour favourites and bests from time to time. This is what The Queen has been doing for the past 60 years but she's also been careful to be current and embrace colour fashion trends too.

The colour trends this spring are bold, bright colours followed by soft pastels for high summer, and The Queen is right there showing us how to wear colour at any age.

The Colours Favoured By Elizabeth II Thanks To Vogue UK

More Jubilee specials to follow...
for now I'm signing off with thoughts of  a celebratory tea party on my mind, Lady Mirror Ball xxx

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