Wednesday, May 2, 2012

I'm A Personal Stylist what do I do?

Lots of clothes but nothing to wear?
 "The goal I seek is to have people refine their style
without having them become victims of fashion." 
 Giorgio Armani
Giorgio is a man after my own heart (and he also has an amazing new perfume out - more on that later).  For me the magical thing about our personal style is that it is unique to each of us and when we try too hard to follow 'fashion' or copy friends or celebs, we find ourselves going awry; you know when you just 'know' it hasn't come together as it did in your head, or as it looked in the store. 

Truly, I empathise.  I would love to be the lady that pulls off camel trousers with a crisp white shirt matched with soft leather pumps and a statement handbag.  You know the ladies among us that just look too sophisticated for words, yet so effortless. But in short I never do - nope, that just ain't me.  No,  in said outfit I look crumpled, bulky and the struggle I have to resist the temptation to throw on a flowery corsage tends to kill the overall air of sophistication.  

So the key is to develop your own Personal Style and that 's where I come in.  I can help you there because I am indeed a Personal Stylist.  While I am not that City Chic lady I would like to be in my parallel life I do know what I am (and I actually quite like it the way it is).  I'm a bit more dramatic you see with a love of bold colour, tea dresses, platform shoes and vintage.   Whatever you are I can help you discover 'it' and create your Personal Style too. And no it doesn't matter what age or what shape you are.  Everyone can look great with the right advice and an objective eye.

  So what do I do?

Determined by our body shape, our own colouring, our style personalities, our lifestyles and our budgets; I believe that great personal style is when we have an understanding of all of these elements & dress and present ourselves to max. them.   Some ladies have this in the bag, so to speak; it's just innate but for most of us we know that a little help wouldn't go amiss. 

Recognise yourself here:

  • I've got lots of clothes but never got anything to wear (trust me, I believe you & can show you why this happens).
  • I don't know how to dress for my body shape and don't feel comfortable in some of my choices.  
  • I've got a wardrobe full of clothes that are all the same - either as items or as colours.
  • love fashion & style but for some reason I often feel I don't quite pull it off.
  • I have reached a milestone in my life and need a change of style direction.
  • I love the idea of having a stylist - it sounds like great fun , like having a trip to the spa (well, you're right, it is!). 
I work with lovely ladies of all ages, like you.  You're never too young and you've never left it too late either.   At a 2 hour consultation - at your home or my studio - we chat about your clothing, wardrobe and fashion choices,  your lifestyle & what you want to achieve from us getting together.  Together (with a coffee, cake or something more sparkly) we'll explore:
I'm a Pear or Inverted Triangle But Top Heavy
- the lady in pink but with bigger boobs -
  • your style personality & how to maximise this in your buying decisions and future wardrobe.
  • the colour choices you make so we can find your very best colour palettes.
  • how to dress for your Body Shape, Scale and Proportions and we'll go top to toe to understand your face shape & how to maximise this through personal grooming - make up, hair and accessories.
  • finally we can undertake a mini wardrobe audit.
You'll feel great, empowered and brimming with confidence and I'll leave  you with goodies so that you remember all the  new tips, tools and tricks.  Other people will notice you look great and will tell you how fantastic, healthier, smarter, more radiant you look.  You'll save lots of money in the future as you'll know how to build the best wardrobe.  No more costly mistakes.  And importantly you'll also have great fun.

For less than the price of one new outfit or the same investment as a good hair cut and colour,
 a consultation will save you a fortune on your future wardrobe. 
Why not bring along a friend for morale support or share a consultation with friend.

Love and a sparkly new you, Lady Mirror Ball xxx

PS:  not only do I love what I do but I'm also trained too. That's me with Mr Mirror Ball in beautiful Zurich.

PPS:  I travel regulalry to Edinburgh,  Scotland so if you are in the Edinburgh area let me be your secret Swiss Personal Stylist.  Sounds glam, me thinks.

Catriona Cardie
Mirror Ball Studios
Haumuehlestrasse 89
CH - 8427, Rorbas
t:  +41 (0)786 244 123

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