Monday, May 14, 2012

Coffee, Cake & Colour ... GOLD or SILVER?

This last week I have been indulging myself in lots of fashion magazines and notice that there has been much coverage of the Met Gala and all things 'dress' related.  Who wore what and who wore it best?  

It would seem that Metallics were the order of the day - and not for the Jewels: No for the fabric itself.  And this got me to a thinking two things:  What is the Met Gala? and it also got me to thinking about that old style dilemma that is Gold versus Silver (or ....whisper it, both together).  

So for our Coffee break this Monday May it's Metallics:  

The good news is that metallics are neutral colours that can be worn by anyone.  Consequently, this is really a choice based on personal taste and if you're like me you will probably flit between the two through life, that is to say in terms of jewellery choices.  For some putting 'precious' in their wardrobe is a step too far.  Not me.  I'm a bit of a fan.

Red Carpet Trend: Metallics at the Met Gala 2012

Met Ladies:  My thoughts here are that Jessica Pare and Camilla would look better if they swapped dresses while Cameron is a little to pale and would suite more hue, as per Carey Mulligan.

So let's first thing of this choice in terms of Jewellery as it's a great way to solve the debate, if indeed you are contemplating it as a clothing or fashion accessory at all.     If I had to be pinned down and commit to a preference I would go for.....

gold but I have lots of silver too that I really like, especially with a bit of sparkle thrown in.  There are really only 3 rules to remember:

Rule 1 - Make Me Look Fantastic. For this the rule is:  Pick the metallic that suits your tone.
- Gold will best complement those with a warm skin tone (if you suit yellows, oranges, warm browns)
- Silver will best complement those with a cool skin tone (if you suite blues, baby & cool pinks)

So for Red Heads it's gold all the way here while for Grey/Silver its silver all the way here.

Rule 2 - Showing Off My Fashion Choice - Creating a Standout piece.  For this the rule is:  Pick a metallic that clashes with your tone and swap the solutions above.  So If you are warm pick silver and if your tone is cool then pick gold.

Myth - You Shouldn't Wear Gold and Silver Together? 
I have to admit I struggle with this as it upsets me when I see mixed metals - even at home.  If there is a silver door handle in a room,  I would genuinely find it uncomfortable if there was then gold accessories in the room.  However,  I acknowledge this is a bit of an irrational thing and so while I do think this old rule is outdated both at home and in fashion, there is a but .......AND IT'S A BIG BUT.   Mixing it up should look intentional and not like a thrown together accident.  

So I say Rule 3 - mix metallics in the same piece or in a manner that is intentionally co-ordinating.  
When I got married I had the Gold versus Silver crisis.  I really wanted a gold ring but what was I going to do with all my silver jewellery, that I loved, thinking as I did at that time that I just couldn't wear them together.   I confess I considered having two sets (now ladies, I know a few of you who have done this, one in silver and one in gold) though I never did pluck up the courage to propose this to Mr M B, said husband to be.  And then I saw my solution a gold and white gold wedding set, a look I matched with my watch.  A bit 'anal' I know but now I feel comfortable and stylish wearing either metallic.  

preciously yours, Lady Mirror Ball x x x

Oh and PS:  So What Is The Met Gala / Met Ball?

The Costume Institute Gala (or Costume Institute Ball), known as the Met Ball and nicknamed the "Oscars of the East Coast", is an annual ball that celebrates the annual opening of theMetropolitan Museum's (The Met) fashion exhibit at the Costume Institute.[1][2] The red carpet evening where celebrities arrive dressed to impress is described as the fashion industry's "Night of Nights".[3] Fashion industry experts and style magazines consider the event, which is hosted by Vogue, to be the fashion world's best red carpet event.[2] It is regarded as the top annual social event in New York City.[4] The event has been an annual affair at the Met since 1948 (the year in which the Costume Institute was founded), but it has been held in different parts of the museum over the years.[5] 

See the lovely Tsitaliya's Blog - links to the right for some more Costume Institute Coverage. xxx

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