Friday, May 25, 2012

Regal Style... some top tips straight from The Queen herself.

Our Stylish Queen

Rain or shine, town or country, home or abroad, The Queen keeps to a style she knows works for her - and every single occasion is marked by an appropriate outfit.

Over the years, we have seen her wearing cinched waist skirts, peplum jackets and many more trends that are still followed these days, and which now make all the trends in vintage shops.

In Mirror Ball (Colour Me Beautiful) Personal Styling speak, The Queen is a Classic. Her winning combination of dress + coat or jacket with matching hat has become her uniform for successful outfits. Her jackets and coats are always buttoned down neatly; the hemline has remained just below the knee for all these years and together with a shift dress, the whole outfit is beautifully coordinated.

Jubilee Colours ...What's The Queen's Favourite Colour?

How amazing does the young Queen look with her fur trimmed outfit (faux, I hope) 

As a Brit abroad I am feeling particularly patriotic and I just couldn't let the occasion of HRH The Queen's Diamond Jubilee pass without thanking her wholeheartedly for being such a wonderful ambassador for colours and style over all these years.  This is a lady who never fails to wear colourful outfits to ensure that the stands out in any crowd.  

HRH Opening The Falkirk Wheel
24th May 2002 !  I was Marketing
Manager there at the time - wow!
It seems like yesterday x
I have been lucky enough to meet HRH on two occasions - well when I say meet what I really mean is I have been in the same room/garden as her:  Once at the opening of a major visitor attraction in Scotland, The Falkirk Wheel where I was working as Marketing Manager.  She officially opened the amazing boatlift as part of her Golden Jubilee 10 years ago today.  Wow!  I am getting on.  And then I met her again a few years later when I was lucky enough to be invited to her Royal Garden Party at the Palace of HolyroodHouse in Edinburgh.  On the first occasion she was wearing an emerald turquoise blue (pic to the left) and on the second occasion she was sunny, sunny, sunny in Lemon.

Read More to find out what the Queens favourite color is...

Monday, May 14, 2012

Coffee, Cake & Colour ... GOLD or SILVER?

This last week I have been indulging myself in lots of fashion magazines and notice that there has been much coverage of the Met Gala and all things 'dress' related.  Who wore what and who wore it best?  

It would seem that Metallics were the order of the day - and not for the Jewels: No for the fabric itself.  And this got me to a thinking two things:  What is the Met Gala? and it also got me to thinking about that old style dilemma that is Gold versus Silver (or ....whisper it, both together).  

So for our Coffee break this Monday May it's Metallics:  

The good news is that metallics are neutral colours that can be worn by anyone.  Consequently, this is really a choice based on personal taste and if you're like me you will probably flit between the two through life, that is to say in terms of jewellery choices.  For some putting 'precious' in their wardrobe is a step too far.  Not me.  I'm a bit of a fan.

Red Carpet Trend: Metallics at the Met Gala 2012

Met Ladies:  My thoughts here are that Jessica Pare and Camilla would look better if they swapped dresses while Cameron is a little to pale and would suite more hue, as per Carey Mulligan.

So let's first thing of this choice in terms of Jewellery as it's a great way to solve the debate, if indeed you are contemplating it as a clothing or fashion accessory at all.     If I had to be pinned down and commit to a preference I would go for.....

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Style Dilemma ... Help. This City Is My Style Opposite!

Zurich, Bahnofstrasse
A street that boasts standalone stores for
Tods, Chanel, Dior, Jimmy Choo, Cartier, Bulgari,
Louis Vuitton -  to name just a few.
When I first moved to Switzerland I couldn't help but notice how different my own sense of style was from what I perceived to be the 'majority' of women in Zurich.  It's taken me a long time to be able to articulate what that difference is exactly, but it came to me recently that Swiss Women tend to be very understated in their style but very expensive in their taste, while I on the other hand am well, the complete opposite.  

As a personal stylist I understand that we each dress according to one of  6 key style personalities (though you may not realise it).  

Zurich, where Trams are real & run (sorry Edinburgh) but
the shopping is at the Luxe end of my budget
Natural, City Chic, Classic, Romantic, Dramatic and Creative.
In the UK, in an average mix of women you would probably find one of each those key personalities in the group but here in Zurich I would say you'll find mostly Naturals or City Chics in any given group.  As a dramatic I have had to contend with much staring on the trams, while sporting my bright yellow coat with it's diamante buttons worn rather charmingly I think, with my red love heart shoes.  And yet for the first time in a long time I feel just a little 'overstated'. 
Me in said yellow coat.  On my way home
(hence the less than pefect pic) from a
lovely evening with my super stylish friend, Sarah
And so you see this gives me something of a problem.  It raises the  'where do real people shop here in Zurich? question.  That is of course without having to be married to an uber rich Swiss banker, which Mr M B sadly is not.
A friend who has lived here for many years confided that that's just the thing; there is no equivalent of the UK High Street here; a high street which I realise I have both taken for granted and now long for.  Nope, it would seem that women here buy into luxury or boutique brands, spending a lot of money on individual items (through probably fewer than us Brits), or they shop at the high-fashion end of the market.  'There isn't really an in-between' like home, my friend concluded.
So that got me to thinking about how I would sustain my clothes & shoe habit living here and how I would set about advising my clients. And then I stumbled across a great blog from Colour Me Beautiful HQ inspired by an article in The Times, UK that just sort of made sense, giving me a bit of perspective,  It doesn't need to be  one or the other;

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

I'm A Personal Stylist what do I do?

Lots of clothes but nothing to wear?
 "The goal I seek is to have people refine their style
without having them become victims of fashion." 
 Giorgio Armani
Giorgio is a man after my own heart (and he also has an amazing new perfume out - more on that later).  For me the magical thing about our personal style is that it is unique to each of us and when we try too hard to follow 'fashion' or copy friends or celebs, we find ourselves going awry; you know when you just 'know' it hasn't come together as it did in your head, or as it looked in the store. 

Truly, I empathise.  I would love to be the lady that pulls off camel trousers with a crisp white shirt matched with soft leather pumps and a statement handbag.  You know the ladies among us that just look too sophisticated for words, yet so effortless. But in short I never do - nope, that just ain't me.  No,  in said outfit I look crumpled, bulky and the struggle I have to resist the temptation to throw on a flowery corsage tends to kill the overall air of sophistication.  

So the key is to develop your own Personal Style and that 's where I come in.  I can help you there because I am indeed a Personal Stylist.  While I am not that City Chic lady I would like to be in my parallel life I do know what I am (and I actually quite like it the way it is).  I'm a bit more dramatic you see with a love of bold colour, tea dresses, platform shoes and vintage.   Whatever you are I can help you discover 'it' and create your Personal Style too. And no it doesn't matter what age or what shape you are.  Everyone can look great with the right advice and an objective eye.

  So what do I do?

Determined by our body shape, our own colouring, our style personalities, our lifestyles and our budgets; I believe that great personal style is when we have an understanding of all of these elements & dress and present ourselves to max. them.   Some ladies have this in the bag, so to speak; it's just innate but for most of us we know that a little help wouldn't go amiss. 

Recognise yourself here: