Friday, April 13, 2012

Weekly Coffee, Cake & Colour ... Lavender

It's been a long time since my last Weekly Coffee, Cake & Colour - too long and not so much of the weekly, so I'm back this week with the fragrant and delicate LAVENDER.

Inspired by my recent trip to Aix En Provence and the spring season's love of all things PASTEL I thought it the perfect choice. Now you might think this a slightly fusty fashion choice; the prevail of the more mature or the favourite choice for bridesmaids, but you'd be wrong you know. 

No no more the bridesmaid  Lavender is this spring's Bride.

Who Looks Lovely in Lavender?

Laender - on the red carpet.  I think Christina looks best in this Hue.
She's a warm and warms rock Lavender.
Well, Lavender shades are pretty universal and look lovely on 4 of the 6 main colour types.  It really only doesn't look best on those with 'Deep' colouring (dark hair, dark eyes & those who tend to have deeper complexions - think Penelope Cruz).  Deeps don't really work the pastel trend when it's worn close to the face I'm afraid to say but they are joined by 'Clears' (think Courtney Cox Arquette) who will find it too soft for their clear and contrasting colouring.  Shame because I sort of love it but it drains my skin colour - boo hoo.  

Image 1 of Cambridge Satchel Company 13" Exclusive to Asos Satchel
Cambridge Leather Satchel - CHF 192
What's Looking Lovely In Lavender? 
Image 2 of M Missoni Sunglasses With Zig-Zag Pattern Arm
Missoni Sunglasses - CHF 126

Image 1 of ASOS FUTURE Leather Flat Sandals
ASOS - Leather Sandals - CHF 76

My favourite lavender finds come from Perfect for us Swiss living ladies as it has a dedicated Swiss site and at the same time  perfect for my lovek UK and US based mirror ball lovelies as it caters especially for you too.  This week in Lavender I'm loving

 Sandals, Sunglasses and Satchels,
which is your favourite? (the satchel for me)

Just because I love this
I confess I'm being a bit self indulgent with my last lavender catwalk snap and am including it just because I love it.  It's sort of 1920's meets 2020's.  How gorgeous is that coat? And before I go, if you LOVE lavender then you will find that great minds think alike:  Check out

Lady Lavender Mirror Ball x

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