Saturday, April 14, 2012

Spring into Summer Colour Combos ...

Happy Weekend Ladies.

Just in time for shopping and fresh from yesterday's post on the Lovely Lavender I thought I would blog some lovely Spring colour combinations to inspire any forthcoming trips to town you my have planned.  For this I have to thank the wonderful colour trend spotters, Pantone.  Those of you involved in the marketing profession will have your heart attached to the wonderful Pantone Colour Reference 'fans' that we use to use religiously to check or quote the exact print colours we wanted.  Ahhhh - such sweet memories.    I always really wanted on of my very own but alas....

Back to Spring Colours though.  This pic gives you a great feel for the top colours of the year and how to put them together. Something here also for all 6 different key colour personalities; Light & Deep, Warm & Coll and Clear & Soft.

Despite not being a fan of Orange in clothing - OK I hate it - I find myself curiously drawn to the Tangerine which is really more pumpkin to red shade.  Yes liking it very much.

With Love, Colour, Style and a Bit of Mirror Ball Magic
Lady Mirror Ball xx

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