Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Lady Loves This Blog ...

Today I am a lucky lady indeed as I am heading off to Aix En Provence this weekend to roll my Easter Eggs and generally have a relaxing time.  Having never been to the south of France I expecting it to be the epitome of 'City Chic' so am packing appropriately.  But before I go, and speaking of City Chic I had to drop you a note about a City Chic Lady - who as well as being a top blogger also makes a mean cup of tea.

Introducing...  Princess Polka Dot.   

All the way from stylish Switzerland but with an international outlook, this blog is a fabulous review and 'how to site', which features informative product reviews of beauty products, hair and body care products, great fashion buys and 'how to' styling tips.  

Princess Polka Dot also has a You Tube channel offering video demonstrations on how to style hair and use the products she tracks dome or recommends.  There is access to the channel via her blog spot too though.  I love this site because it alerts me to new products that I would otherwise be a bit nervous to purchase.  So Polka Dot's Opinions is a bit like your very own try before you buy service.  

Personal favourites discovered through Polka Dot's Opinions include St Tropez Gradual Self Tan - which my lovely friend Sarah has also purchased on my recommend  - and Mavala Nail Polish Setting Spray.  

The Princess has also inspired me to grow my locks again.  They were once long and lush but were chopped off when I decided I needed a 'chic' bob to accompany my move to Switzerland. It started with a fringe and then I got a bit scissor happy from there on.  But with all the great ideas on hair styling I am thinking again.  Hmmm,  I wonder if Polka Dot's Opinions can track me down some super fast hair growth supplement - ha ha. 

So on that note as I pack up my suitcase, my dog George, Mr MB and my sunglasses off I head.  I should also add that my St Tropez gradual self tan has been applied, my toes nail polished and so my pins are ready to be brought out for the summer.  Look out France here they come.

With love and lovely tanned legs - well they're tanned at least
Lady Mirror Ball xxx

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Aw so sweet :) Thank You