Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Great British Barbour Goes Bright ...

Something exciting has happened at Great British Brand, Barbour.  And like all great ideas I am left wondering why it has taken so long.
Much like Burberry, they have taken a great piece of British heritage wear and given it a modern and stylish update.  First of all we say hats off (and jackets on!) to this brand for its longevity.  It has generally been associated with  country dwellers and outdoor types, but their new collections have transformed it into a coveted fashion item.
 from country to city 'chic' in Brights
- LOVE -
What’s more, it’s not just the styles that have been reworked, whilst the muddy green is still a brand staple, you can now choose from a range of wonderful colours.  A cheap purchase it isn’t, but you will get top quality and good value for your money.
As with the old styles, the new ones still come with pocket detail and various weights of fabric and padding, so take care not to go too bulky if you are curvy.  Lighter padding is easier to wear but I have to say I am loving the light quilted look - a nice spring alternative also to the duvets (aka - our stylish padded parkas) we wear here in Switzerland over the winter months
This is a good investment piece for us Swiss living ladies who often need a practical jacket on hand, even in the height of summer.  Their spring quilts collection is perfect for the current trans-seasonal weather and colour trends.
The Lady is loving the lemon but think for outerwear I would ultimately favour the pink, or maybe the purple....though I'm quite liking the green too.  

What Shade Would You Choose?
Hmmm ... choices, choices.  
Lady Mirror Ball xx

Check out the whole range at And  BIG thanks to Colour Me Beautiful -  - for sharing this wonderful news. 

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