Monday, April 2, 2012

99% of Swiss Women Think ...

That they are unattractive!

A recent study undertaken by DOVE has revealed that almost all Swiss women rate themselves as unattractive. 

What? Me shouts to myself.  This can't be true.  It's too high.  There must be some mistake.  But apparently not and this is closely followed by British ladies who also don't think they rate on the attractiveness scale either.  Well, I was shocked to read this.
Prince - what's he got to do
with swiss attractiveness? you ask
Attractiveness if of course subjective and it is true that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  But why is that?  
Well, as we know it is because physical perfection (whatever that is) and 'attractiveness' are not the same thing.  We all know this to be true of the opposite sex - you know that guy that at first glance wouldn't normally turn your head but for knowing better is drop dead gorgeous.  And, so this is true of us ladies too.   I mean, aged 16 I thought Prince was the most attractive man that walked the planet and of course that was without even knowing him.  Not sure that others would have agreed.  And yet still he holds a little place in my heart as an attractive man.   

Added this is the media bombardment of gorgeousness, none of which is of true.  Celebrities have a sea of stylists, gym appointments, time, hair dressers, limitless budgets and photoshop.  Which reminds me of something someone told me in my younger years.  I remember once around 8 years ago when I was on a night out with a friend a guy remarked that he thought I looked like Catherine Zeta Jones ( I had long hair at the time, since chopped short).  I was secretly thrilled but thought it perhaps a bit of an ambitious statement and remarked back to him that he wouldn't perhaps think that if he saw me without my styled hair and make up.  To which he charmingly replied;   'Catherine Zeta Jones wouldn't look like Catherine Zeta Jones without her hair and make up either'.  

Got to love that man!  But it is true.  So ladies 99% is unacceptable and I am taking this as a 

Fear not, for Lady Mirror Ball is here to help and I can be your secret stylist to beat the attractiveness blues.  Let's make every day an ATTRACTIVE DAY.  As if you needed any other reasons here are 5 reasons to consider a Personal Style Consultation:

  1. You'll gain an understanding of your style personality - embracing the real you and not someone else in how. 
  2. You'll gain an understanding of your personal colouring & how to embrace it for maximum attractiveness - no more the sea of black or costly colour mistakes.
  3. We'll dress the shape you have & not the one that you dream of.
  4. We'll go from top to toe, understanding your face shape & how to maximise this through personal grooming - make up, hair and accessories.
  5. You'll save lots of future francs by learning how to shop more wisely, more bravely and in a way that means you have lots of great options in your wardrobe.  Where every day is an attractive day! 
So Swiss ladies to heck with feeling unattractive.  
If you are in Switzerland (the Zurich/Winterthur area) and would like a bit of support from a secret stylist I'm here.  You can Email or Call me directly for more information or to book.  I offer consultations in English.  Also check out the Style Consultation Pages on this blog - the top tabs - for a bit more information.

Attractively yours
Lady Mirror Ball xxx
0786 244 123

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