Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Colourful & Contemporary Swiss Cashmere ...

I have to confess I have a real soft spot for cashmere. I recall the first time I ever got a work 'bonus' I spent some of it on my first ever 100% cashmere sweater. It felt really indulgent but I had it in my closet and in my heart for many, many years; only recently relegating it to cashmere heaven. So, from one cashmere heaven to another.  Introducing ...
 Colourful, Contemporary & Cashmere

Be kissed awake and discover fashion with a different feel, exciting styles, fun print designs and vibrant colours. Princess Goes Hollywood is a wonderful Swiss invention that stands out from the cashmere crowd. It also stands for fashion with style which reflects your unique personality and is fun to wear.
Available throughout Switzerland Princess Goes Hollywood garments are designed in-tune with the latest global trends, materials, fabrics, and fashion developments. Produced with the highest quality of materials and superlative cashmere. For more information, a list of all their stores and where to buy when you are in der Schweiz check out 

118-122904It's tough to find a favourite but if I had to I would say my personal pick goes to the Walt Disney and Coca Cola inspired tops that embrace the retro look that I love but then again, everything is gorgeous and in a colour to suit everyone.

I'll post a pic when I have one in my possession x
Yours, soft, cuddly and cosy Lady Mirror Ball x

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Spring into Summer Colour Combos ...

Happy Weekend Ladies.

Just in time for shopping and fresh from yesterday's post on the Lovely Lavender I thought I would blog some lovely Spring colour combinations to inspire any forthcoming trips to town you my have planned.  For this I have to thank the wonderful colour trend spotters, Pantone.  Those of you involved in the marketing profession will have your heart attached to the wonderful Pantone Colour Reference 'fans' that we use to use religiously to check or quote the exact print colours we wanted.  Ahhhh - such sweet memories.    I always really wanted on of my very own but alas....

Back to Spring Colours though.  This pic gives you a great feel for the top colours of the year and how to put them together. Something here also for all 6 different key colour personalities; Light & Deep, Warm & Coll and Clear & Soft.

Despite not being a fan of Orange in clothing - OK I hate it - I find myself curiously drawn to the Tangerine which is really more pumpkin to red shade.  Yes liking it very much.

With Love, Colour, Style and a Bit of Mirror Ball Magic
Lady Mirror Ball xx

Friday, April 13, 2012

Weekly Coffee, Cake & Colour ... Lavender

It's been a long time since my last Weekly Coffee, Cake & Colour - too long and not so much of the weekly, so I'm back this week with the fragrant and delicate LAVENDER.

Inspired by my recent trip to Aix En Provence and the spring season's love of all things PASTEL I thought it the perfect choice. Now you might think this a slightly fusty fashion choice; the prevail of the more mature or the favourite choice for bridesmaids, but you'd be wrong you know. 

No no more the bridesmaid  Lavender is this spring's Bride.

Who Looks Lovely in Lavender?

Laender - on the red carpet.  I think Christina looks best in this Hue.
She's a warm and warms rock Lavender.
Well, Lavender shades are pretty universal and look lovely on 4 of the 6 main colour types.  It really only doesn't look best on those with 'Deep' colouring (dark hair, dark eyes & those who tend to have deeper complexions - think Penelope Cruz).  Deeps don't really work the pastel trend when it's worn close to the face I'm afraid to say but they are joined by 'Clears' (think Courtney Cox Arquette) who will find it too soft for their clear and contrasting colouring.  Shame because I sort of love it but it drains my skin colour - boo hoo.  

Image 1 of Cambridge Satchel Company 13" Exclusive to Asos Satchel
Cambridge Leather Satchel - CHF 192
What's Looking Lovely In Lavender? 
Image 2 of M Missoni Sunglasses With Zig-Zag Pattern Arm
Missoni Sunglasses - CHF 126

Image 1 of ASOS FUTURE Leather Flat Sandals
ASOS - Leather Sandals - CHF 76

My favourite lavender finds come from ASOS.com. Perfect for us Swiss living ladies as it has a dedicated Swiss site and at the same time  perfect for my lovek UK and US based mirror ball lovelies as it caters especially for you too.  This week in Lavender I'm loving

 Sandals, Sunglasses and Satchels,
which is your favourite? (the satchel for me)

Just because I love this
I confess I'm being a bit self indulgent with my last lavender catwalk snap and am including it just because I love it.  It's sort of 1920's meets 2020's.  How gorgeous is that coat? And before I go, if you LOVE lavender then you will find that great minds think alike:  Check out


Lady Lavender Mirror Ball x

Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Great British Barbour Goes Bright ...

Something exciting has happened at Great British Brand, Barbour.  And like all great ideas I am left wondering why it has taken so long.
Much like Burberry, they have taken a great piece of British heritage wear and given it a modern and stylish update.  First of all we say hats off (and jackets on!) to this brand for its longevity.  It has generally been associated with  country dwellers and outdoor types, but their new collections have transformed it into a coveted fashion item.
 from country to city 'chic' in Brights
- LOVE -
What’s more, it’s not just the styles that have been reworked, whilst the muddy green is still a brand staple, you can now choose from a range of wonderful colours.  A cheap purchase it isn’t, but you will get top quality and good value for your money.
As with the old styles, the new ones still come with pocket detail and various weights of fabric and padding, so take care not to go too bulky if you are curvy.  Lighter padding is easier to wear but I have to say I am loving the light quilted look - a nice spring alternative also to the duvets (aka - our stylish padded parkas) we wear here in Switzerland over the winter months
This is a good investment piece for us Swiss living ladies who often need a practical jacket on hand, even in the height of summer.  Their spring quilts collection is perfect for the current trans-seasonal weather and colour trends.
The Lady is loving the lemon but think for outerwear I would ultimately favour the pink, or maybe the purple....though I'm quite liking the green too.  

What Shade Would You Choose?
Hmmm ... choices, choices.  
Lady Mirror Ball xx

Check out the whole range at http://www.barbour.com/collection/womens-heritage-fashion And  BIG thanks to Colour Me Beautiful -  http://blog.colourmebeautiful.co.uk  - for sharing this wonderful news. 

Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Lady Loves This Blog ...

Today I am a lucky lady indeed as I am heading off to Aix En Provence this weekend to roll my Easter Eggs and generally have a relaxing time.  Having never been to the south of France I expecting it to be the epitome of 'City Chic' so am packing appropriately.  But before I go, and speaking of City Chic I had to drop you a note about a City Chic Lady - who as well as being a top blogger also makes a mean cup of tea.

Introducing...  Princess Polka Dot.   

All the way from stylish Switzerland but with an international outlook, this blog is a fabulous review and 'how to site', which features informative product reviews of beauty products, hair and body care products, great fashion buys and 'how to' styling tips.  

Princess Polka Dot also has a You Tube channel offering video demonstrations on how to style hair and use the products she tracks dome or recommends.  There is access to the channel via her blog spot too though.  I love this site because it alerts me to new products that I would otherwise be a bit nervous to purchase.  So Polka Dot's Opinions is a bit like your very own try before you buy service.  

Personal favourites discovered through Polka Dot's Opinions include St Tropez Gradual Self Tan - which my lovely friend Sarah has also purchased on my recommend  - and Mavala Nail Polish Setting Spray.  

The Princess has also inspired me to grow my locks again.  They were once long and lush but were chopped off when I decided I needed a 'chic' bob to accompany my move to Switzerland. It started with a fringe and then I got a bit scissor happy from there on.  But with all the great ideas on hair styling I am thinking again.  Hmmm,  I wonder if Polka Dot's Opinions can track me down some super fast hair growth supplement - ha ha. 

So on that note as I pack up my suitcase, my dog George, Mr MB and my sunglasses off I head.  I should also add that my St Tropez gradual self tan has been applied, my toes nail polished and so my pins are ready to be brought out for the summer.  Look out France here they come.

With love and lovely tanned legs - well they're tanned at least
Lady Mirror Ball xxx

Monday, April 2, 2012

99% of Swiss Women Think ...

That they are unattractive!

A recent study undertaken by DOVE has revealed that almost all Swiss women rate themselves as unattractive. 

What? Me shouts to myself.  This can't be true.  It's too high.  There must be some mistake.  But apparently not and this is closely followed by British ladies who also don't think they rate on the attractiveness scale either.  Well, I was shocked to read this.
Prince - what's he got to do
with swiss attractiveness? you ask
Attractiveness if of course subjective and it is true that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  But why is that?