Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Monochromatic Colour Blocking ...

Here at Mirror Ball studios one trend that the Lady loves is colour-blocking and I am thrilled that it has turned the corner from 'fashion' to 'trend', meaning it's here to stay for some time yet.  

This year the addition of candy sorbet shades offers a fresh welcome palette cleanser to the colour block options but there is one other must-try colour blocking trend this spring / summer.  Yes, as predicted in my Q&A earlier this month for www.mygirlfriendguide.com the monochromatic colour look, otherwise known as top to toe in one color, is making an impact this year.  Indeed, trend setting celebs are now starting to embrace this look.  How clever am I? - he he.

I am loving this concept as I think it sassy, stylish and easy to pull off. It also tends to make you look taller and slimmer - hey, what's not to like about this?  Now, although this is a look that is hard to get wrong, a word of warning; you CAN go wrong with this look ...... and it's all down to the dastardly mixing of tones.  There is nothing that will quite kill this look as fast as having lots of differing tones going on. The key word here is tone not colour - and by that, what I really means is:


By undertone think to yourself; 'does this shade of said colour have a warm or a cool undertone?' For warm think yellowy or orange base or perhaps it's more pinky or bluish, which would mean it has a cool base.  To add to the confusion Yellow and Blue themselves have either warm or cool undertones as indeed do all colours but don't fret to much about this.  

In short, the top tip is to stick to one choice of colour - perhaps 

in different shades  - but with the same 

warm or cool undertone.


Trend Report: Monochromatic - click through for fab article

Example:  To illuminate , I would say that Chantel at 3 above is surfing a fine line with her choices of red:  The trousers are more a blue red (heading to pink) while her blouse is more warm red (heading away from being orange).   

Whereas the ladies in pink & grey are wearing different shades but with the same undertones.  The lady in yellow is wearing a cooler yellow on her body when you compare it with the warmer yellow of her shoes.  It's close but not quite right and I think distracting from the overall look.

Meanwhile the lady in Green is rocking the same colour & tone but using different textures to create contrast - wool with silk, with patent, with satin.

Beware but please don't let the small issue of undertone put you off.  No! If in doubt give it a go. You are going to look look gorgeous.    So, now that you have your undertones sorted out all you have to decide is:

What colour are you going to choose?

Yours loving the top to toe Green and Soft White.
Lady Mirror Ball  xxx

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