Thursday, March 1, 2012

Today At Mirror Ball Studios ..

Mirror Ball Studios in My Girlfriend Guide To Zurich - March 
Welcome to the lovely ladies of My Girlfriend Guide To Zurich.

I so hope you enjoyed the recent Q+A interview I did with Zuri-Girl and that you are feeling inspired about colour & style.  More specifically of course I hope that you have a spring in your step as you open you wardrobe doors and that you are embracing BRIGHTS.  You know you've got it right if you smile every time you open your closet, but lots of us are just not so sure about our own colouring, how to buy & wear colour and what style choices we should make for our body shape.

Let me be your secret stylist - whether you want to know what colours make you look radiant or whether you want to combine some colour advice with lots of advice on what choices you should be making for your body shape and personality.

Maybe you've read the article and just want to ask a questions.

Whichever, I would love to hear from you.  Have a quick look through the tabs on my blog:  the Colour Consultations Tab and Style Consultations Tab (-which I am completing as we speak) to get more of an insight.  Or, drop me an email with questions.  Or, give me a call.

I really look forward to hearing from you ladies and to having fun together with your colours, your clothes and your curves (or lack of).

Remember we're all a Mirror Ball.  With spotlight we radiate.  Add colour & we illuminate. x

Yours, with sparkle Catriona - aka Lady Mirror Ball

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