Tuesday, March 27, 2012

T-Shirt Ideas For Pear Shapes ... like me

So we're all different shapes, that we know of course.  Each and every one of us lovely at that.  But  most of us could broadly describe ourselves under one of 6 key shapes.  I am a Pear or an Inverted Triangle (same thing, different way of saying it).  I am infact fuller busted than most pears but have too full a posterior to be described as an Hourglass.  Hey, I'm OK with being a bit more, well, Fruity!

And so us pears tend to be neater and importantly narrower on top than we are on bottom but come in all sizes from 6 - 26.  If we think of ourselves as a triangle you'll appreciate that there are different shapes of triangle - some tall and narrow, some small and wide but indeed the common factor in all us pears is that we all narrow at the top.

Pears carry their weight on their bottom half, around their round bottoms, their hips and their thighs.  They however, balance this with a small waist (often flatter tummy), a neat bust area and small or sloping shoulders.  If you're like me, you have NO shoulders - ha ha.  I have a lifetime of hassle with shoulder bags; I mean where to put them?  Pears also often have a high waist yet legs that are proportionately shorter than their body length. Sound like you?

Dress to focus up TOP  - towards our neat top half 
and our beautiful faces!

TOPS important in our wardrobe.  What we want from a top is something that will balance out our top half with our hip while showcasing that narrow waist.  Here's the good news....STRIPES ARE FANTASTIC FOR US - even better when combined with a boat neck top; so bring on the Bretons.  Fruity & Chic!
Best T-shirts for the Pear Shape
Top left - a personal favourite x
Thanks to polyvore.com

Also good for us is a SPLASH OF COLOUR on top of a darker shade of trouser, short or skirt, a fitted waist or a shapely shoulder - think puff, cap or frill.  Alternatively a scoop neck will draw attention away from the hip area to the top of the body, to our lovely faces and in doing so also reveals the lovely narrow area of our shoulder line.  Top tip:  the exposed skin of a scoop balances our top half out, making us look slimmer.  

Finally, go for a short sleeve or an elbow length - this draws the eyes to the narrowest parts of our bodies - our waist or shoulder line.  If you are like me and are a bit fuller on the bust than the average pear (I like to think I am an extra ripe pear - ha ha ) then take care with excessive detailing around the bust line which would look good on a smaller busted pear.

The T's above are just intended as a style guide or for inspiration.  The actual products might be harder to get hold of but if you roll over the thumbnail it will give you the make & cost of the T.

On that note I am off to get my T at the ready - it's teal, with a frill cap sleeve and is in a knit fabric.  Some might say it's more of a short sleeve knit than a T but what the heck.    I'll be wearing it with my camel leather skirt and black block shoes as I head into Zurich for the afternoon.  Bye ...

Love with small waist & neat shoulders, Lady Mirror Ball x

PS:  Did you know that 60% of British Women are fruity pears!  Not so much here in Switzerland.

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