Thursday, March 15, 2012

Looking Wonderful Today? Pass It On ...

An interesting thing happened to me on Tuesday.

A lady walked up to me in the street while I was busy faffing around with a parking meter.  As she walked past me she just suddenly said:

"You know, you look wonderful today"

After I'd done a double take it became apparent she really was speaking to me.    Now, I didn't know this lady.  Had never seen her in my life before and probably would never see her ever again.  Clearly I was delighted and as I checked her out quickly for signs of madness I found myself cheerily saying ' thank you'.  To which she added,  "no, you really do!".

I noted something about this lady; she herself was extremely cheery and seemed very happy with herself indeed. I am sharing this for a few reasons:
  • 1. Because it just absolutely made my day.  It made me smile, put a spring in my step and a 'swing' in my hair.

  • 2. Because then I got to thinking that well, I did have my best colours on that morning and I had made an effort to dress for the meeting I was attending.  So, getting these things working best for you really do have an impact and other people really do notice.

  • 3.  The best bit..... I also got to thinking how much this random act of kindness had really lifted me.   It was a little wonderful moment in an otherwise quite stressful week.  I was also reminded me of the time, the month before where I had stood waiting to go into a changing room while a woman debated a dress with her friend.  She looked AMAZING in said dress and I had wanted to say, but something - not wanting to look like a mad stalker changing room lady - had stopped me.
However, I felt so good about someone's random kind words that I have resolved to spread the kindness.  How equally wonderful to tell someone how good they look and really, really mean it.  How good it must feel to make someone's day.  How nice it must feel, and how much more wonderful for it to be a total stranger too. As with my stranger lady there was no 'politeness', nothing to be gained and no requirement for me to necessarily reciprocate.

So here it is ladies, I am launching:    Spread The 'Wonderful' Word Weekend.


1 - You should choose a stranger or acquaintance but not a good friend or relative (though do that too).

2 - You should really mean it.  

3.  Your recipient should be looking good - just not simply good looking.  If you see what I mean.

4 - Don't delay.  Just tell them.

Let me know how you get on.  And you know, I'm pretty sure you look wonderful today!
Spread the wonderful word, Lady Mirror Ball


Anonymous said...

Whoever that lovely woman is - shes my kinda girl! Inspired I follow suit today in the Cultural Quarter of a cosmopolitan city that houses two Universities, a teaching hospital, a scientific research institute and several colleges. Tomorrows politicians, teachers, Doctors, nurses scientist and IT experts to name but a few saunter casually back and forth with their own distinct mix of colours and fashion ideas not to mention hair styles, yes this is a veritable hotbed of creativity - styles are diverse to say the least but for some compliments are definately due - I decided I would give it a go - my compliment was recieved with a big smile and a shy thank you - I just know it made her day it certainly made mine. Keep musing Lady Mirror Ball you are inspirational.

Lady Mirror Ball said...

WOW - I am so thrilled that you spread the 'wonderful' word. You are my heroine for the week for giving it a go. I hope you will do it again? I did it yesterday too as I sauntered through a busy 'high street' store. My lady looked a bit shocked and said 'me?'. But, I also know it made her day and I saw her telling the lady standing next to her what I had said. But she did look wonderful. Go you. I bet you look wonderful too today too - all the more wonderful for passing on the compliment. It's nice isn't it. Thanks for sharing this. I bet you will have inspired her & other readers of my little blog. Happy weekend to you x