Saturday, March 17, 2012

You're Never Too Old For Style - Are You?

Carol Vorderman - UK TV Personality Causing
Style Controversy.

"Poor Carol Vordeman has been getting it in the neck again for breaking the Eleventh Commandment: Thou shallst not have too much fun with the way thou lookst. Vordeman has a great figure, by any criteria. Well, not any. There are some beauty vigilantes berating her "vast" backside (eh, this womans is 52!) on the internet. But even more than Vordeman's rear dimensions, it's the perception that she's not dressing her age (ah, so she is 52 ?) that seems to cause most affront....."

Carol? A Vast backside - excuse me?  If Carol has a 'Vast' backside then mine is IMMENSE.  
Carol's VAST bottom - so not Vast I just had to show
a picture of it.  Think she may be a fan of spanx, but hey
no shame there !
So, here's a really interesting article from Lisa Armstrong at The Telegraph (UK) on dressing for your Style Personality not your age.

How many of you are aware of your Style Personality? (Classic, Romantic, Dramatic etc.). Are you a combination of more than one, depending what mood you are in on the day? Lady MB, that's moi, is a DRAMATIC - with a large dose of Romantic but I am aspirationally City Chic.

Speaking of Style Personalities I want to say a Great Big Gruezi to the to the lovely ladies of Edinburgh who recently had a 'speed' styling session and without a single age being mentioned, are:

  • Miss Eilidh - Romantic with a dash of Classic
  • Lady Liz - Natural with a dash of Classic
  • Miss Lynne - 100% Natural (the first 100% I've yet seen)
  • Miss Natalia - Dramatic with dashes of Creative & Romantic
  • Miss Christine - Natural - though, with a bit more Creative than I think she gives herself credit for.

And super style researcher Sarah, whom I think has ESP on style and what's hot in the shops, a Romantic in her clothing choices but very City Chic in her grooming style.

With love from Lady MB and her VAST backside 
(at least I always have a comfy seat) x

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