Friday, March 23, 2012

Colour Me Beautiful Luzern...

Hariett - with a surprise Cool, Soft & Deep  
Yesterday was a colourful day indeed.  Not only was the sun shining but I was on my travels.  Thanks to SBB I got myself to Adlingswil, Luzern without a hitch.  And how beautiful. Possibly not quite as lovely as the ladies undertaking and receiving an afternoon of colour analysis.
Adlingswil -Luzern

Huge thanks to Beatrice Barden, Alfred & Alexandra who welcomed me with huge hospitality & scrumptious cakes to Colour Me Beautiful Switzerland.

And it was so interesting - I discovered that 'cool' ladies are more common among Swiss ladies than we would normally see in the UK, where a large number of women are actually 'soft'.  And of course that 'cool' doesn't mean 'cold'.
Identifying wow colours

I also met a lovely 'clear' who had much lighter hair than I would normally see among British women but 'clear' she certainly was.  And then there was a 'deep' who really wanted to be a 'warm' until we could show her that she was actually dressed - beautifully - top to toe in deep colours.  And she looked great so clearly already had a great eye for her colours.

Sara being tested & discovering
she's a Deep, Warm & Soft.
It was fun and all the ladies definitely went away feeling great and high spirited  The one thing I love about colour analysis is how much ladies smile and how animated people become when they are shown their best colours.

And then I had a realisation while sitting on the 19.35 Luzerne Inter-regio to Zurich; that actually our 'colouring' is also so very often reflected in our personalities.  Hmmm - could make Internet dating more interesting!  There's an idea I'm claiming.

Before I even contemplate that - and get myself starting an internet dating site aligned to Mirror Ball I am going to sign off.  Don't think my very sickly laptop could take it. Instead off to have some tea and practice my newly learned colourful Deutsche words for the weekend.

Dunkel - deep
Hell - light
Gedeck - soft
Warm - warm
Kuehl - cool
Klar - clear

and zu Bleich - too pale (not what your best colours should be doing)

With love & a reminder that we are all a mix of three of the above - there's over 24 combinations! Which are you?  Yours, Lady Mirror Ball - Klar, Warm & Dunkel. x


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