Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Are You A Joanie, Betty or a Peggy?

Women of Mad Men: Betty, Peggy and Joan by polyvore-editorial on polyvore.com

Personal Style Personalities - The Mad Men Way  

If you'd lived in the early days of the Sixties (maybe you did) while they were still a little stiff and less 'swinging' how would you have dressed?  Have a flick through the slides above to see if you can place yourself as a Joan, a Betty or a Peggy from the fabulous Mad Men series.  Can you guess which one is Dramatic, which one is Romantic and which one is a Classic.  

OK, so here's a few hints.

Dramatic style personalties dress for impact.  They embrace colour and like accessories to act as accents for their whole outfit.  They co-ordinate in unusual ways and want their outfit to stand out in a room.  They are not concerned about the practicalities of their outfit.

Romantic style personalities like to wear pretty clothes with decorative details in the fabric or on accessories.  Flowers feature heavily in their styling and even their casual clothes are feminine.  They always or aspire to wear matching underwear and love the process of grooming and getting dressed.

Classic style personalities prefer a co-ordinated look and do not like to wear daring colour combinations.  Their work wear is smart but understated and accessories have to match the outfit rather than contrast with it.

Perhaps you are Peggy but want to be more Betty?  Follow the style guides for hints on how to achieve this.  But don't forget try to work with your natural figure not against it.  Joan is a full hourglass, Betty and Peggy are neat hourglasses. 

And as if that wasn't luck enough they get to work with Roger Sterling - who needs Don when there's a Roger in you life?   Lucky ladies.

Mad love & 60's style 
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