Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Weekly Coffee, Cake & Colour ... a splash of BLUE!

With your Coffee (tea or schoggi) today I'm bringing you a splash of  BLUE

Inspired by my recent day at sea during my holiday I thought I would bring a Splash of Blue to the table. 

I am feeling a little bit guilty about profiling blue as we emerge from winter here in the Zurich countryside which is ... well, bluish cold!.  But today here in Rorbas there was a beautiful bright blue sky so I'm encouraging you all to think summer blue instead:  sea and bright sun, summer denims and the nautical look, the blue of bluebells & cornflowers.
Often associated with trustworthiness, authority, professionalism and safety, blue can also signify romance and spirituality.

All of us have blue in our wardrobe whether it be the Navy Blue of a professional suit, the Denim Blue of our Jeans, a lovely Breton stripe top  (one of my favourites) or Sky Blue in a favourite summer top or dress. I have to say I'm quite partial to a spot of blue but have tended to favour the extremes - Navy, Royal and Sky, though that does have a lot to do with my Clear colouring & dramatic style preferences! 

Can I Wear Blue?
Unlike Yellow, everyone can wear Blue successfully.  As a Clear/Warm and Deep I have lots of blue options in my colour palette.  When I open my wardrobe I find that I am the proud owner of lots of blue.  My blue jeans, mostly in dark blue for my body shape though, as well as a wool navy suit.  I also own a gorgeous sapphire blue evening dress in satin which I wear with red satin shoes and clash with some bright green eye shadow - a bit 1970's without crossing into fancy dress, at least I hope not ;-)

Queen Elizabeth - gorgeous
blue with a pewter spot, a dash
of fuschia lippie & great black
accessories.  Perfect!

Perfect Colour Matching - Kate in Sapphire (Soft),
Frieda in Cornflower (deep), Angelina in Lapis (Clear) &
Jenna in Light Periwinkle (Warm)
All you lucky ladies with COOL
colouring can wear all the shades of blue; that's because you have a blue rather than yellow undertone to your colouring.   As a top tip you are most certainly a cool if you have lovely grey, silver or white hair but those with ash blonde or black hair (and skins) can also be cool too. Dame Judi Dench & Helen Mirren are great examples of cools.  As is Queen Elizabeth the II, looking so youthful in blue on a recent engagement.  She's also rocking black as an accessory.

“Blue is the only color which maintains its own character in all its will always stay blue; whereas yellow is blackened in its shades, and fades away when lightened; red when darkened becomes brown, and diluted with white is no longer red, but another color – pink.”           Raoul Dufy

Top Tips For Colour Blocking:  Did you know that on a colour wheel based on traditional colour theory where blue is considered a primary colour, its complementary colour is considered to be ORANGE.

Blue Trends For 2012 
Lapis (bright maritime blue) & Light Aqua (similar to the blue at the far right of my colour bar above) also referred to in some fashion pages as Sodalite & Cockatoo  - are being predicted as a key colour trends in fashion for Spring & Summer 2012 as are pastel and candy blues.

Keeping with my ocean waves inspiration I notice that nautical stripes, a personal and perennial favourite, are also back big time this year.  The most, as well as some of my favourites, can be found at UK Based retailer Phase Eight. 
WARNING There is bad news and good news here;  the bad news is that they do not mail overseas but I have worked some magic and can advise that the Great British institution that is House of Fraser also stock these items and the cherry of the cake is that they offer fast, affordable international delivery to Switzerland.

All of these dresses  are Phase Eight.  They range in price from £25 to £90 - from CHF30  to CHF 140.  Just in case stripes aren't your thing I've thown in some nautical spots in blue too.   The maxi is admittedly my favourite - I'm seeing it with tan wedges and belt.  Though I am loving the dress with the striped top and navy tulip skirt which is probably best for my triangular figure. 

My monthly favourite online retailer Next also have a great range and a really gorgeous bretton stripe rib cotton top (left)  from 19 Euros to this gorgeous sweater with anchor motif at 33 Euros.   And on that wistful note...

Tschuess - true blue, baby I love you
Lady Mirror Ball x

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