Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Today at Mirror Ball Studios

Gruezi!, I'm working on some regular features for Lady MB's Musings.  Look out for...

  • Weekly Coffee, Cake & Colour - You do the coffee & cake while I'll bring you a little bite size POP of Colour.  Bringing you a feature colour, how to wear, who can wear, where to wear.

  • Friday's Happy Hour - This is to celebrate that moment when you find the perfect place with the perfect item.  Especially for my Swiss Ladies a weekly shopping recommend to take with you on your weekend in the Zurich/Winterthur area.  And for my lovely friends elsewhere maybe a bit of Swiss inspiration, should you visit.  Also featuring some international fashion finds.

PS: SOS! - Some top tips for Personal Styling & Colour.  Please do get in touch if you have any Personal Styling/Colour questions, need some advice or if you have always just 'wondered' about something of a fashion, dressing, shopping, wardrobe, styling nature.

Seasonal Style Updates - What's  in, what's out, what's here to stay, what are the key colour trends for next season, what are the key shapes, fabrics & lengths? Patterns, or plains, stripes or flowers?  And what will we see in the shops.  I'll do all the work for you by bringing you a seasonal style update that consider what is most suited to all our wonderful body shapes & what colours flatter who most. Also with a few tips on how to update your wardrobe.

Guest Bloggers - Featuring guest bloggers from around the globe on everything Personal Styling, Colour, Shopping, Wardrobes & Fashion including top tips, dilemma's, questions & suggestions. If you would like to feature as a guest blogger please let me know by dropping me an email or comment .

Tschuess! Yours with Style & Sparkle,

Lady Mirror Ball

PS:  Don't forget I can be your secret stylist with a bespoke, in-depth, professional and fun Style or Colour Consultation centred entirely around you & your needs.  Pass it on.  We all love to share a secret ;-)

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