Thursday, February 9, 2012

Savvy Style Thoughts For A Thursday ...

Coco - A Woman After My Own Heart.

She has a point.  Shoes can be a great way to wear colour, to lengthen your height or shorten your height, to make you appear slimmer or simply to embrace an element of your personal style personality. 

I'm not such a fan of the super skinny look that Rachel Zoe appears to advocate but in essence she is right that our personal style is a form of expression.  You should walk in the room looking fantastic.  We should se YOU before your dress.  

Sophia - so true.  Your style choices should maximise your assets (not just those ones) and minimise those areas that sap your confidence.  But your choices shouldn't create a visual wall around you.  Ditch the too big & the sea of black (unless you're a 'deep' colour palette, in which case you'll look fabulous in black)!

And Finally - I am loving this quote and wishing that I had thought of it first. x

Always on hand for some styling & colour consulting if you need some help to embrace your inner Coco & Sophia. Lady MB x

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