Tuesday, February 21, 2012

More Gaudi than Gaudy. Are you a Creative?

"Barcelona, it was the first time that we met.  Barcelona. How can I forget. The moment that you stepped into the room. You took my breath away Barcelona!"
Antoni Gaudi
If you follow my blog you will know that I am just back at Mirror Ball Studios from a lovely jaunt around the Med.  It was indeed a holiday but has me all inspired.  On the first day of my travels I found myself arriving into sunny Barcelona. 

Mr MB says that Barcelona is a city that just must have been designed on illegal substances, so surreal is it's architecture.  Officially, it's actually Art Noveau (or is it?).  There is no doubt that this is a city that is brave, bold and beautiful.  Most famous for the work of Antoni Gaudi, Barcelona is city full of pattern, shapes and colours that scream their presence in the architecture and people.  On this, my first ever visit, I was completely charmed by how wacky Barcelona is.  Three cheers for the local authorities who clearly have a history of being visionary too.   

Gaudi's Barcelona
In the spirit of Gaudi I was instantly hit by how Barcelona could be a metaphor for all of us ladies who have Creative Style Preferences. 

All of us have a dominant style preference which determines the clothing choices that we make.  Our preferences may change over time as our lifestyles change, whereas some of us have a secret style preference that we'd like to embrace but don't quite know how to.  Some of us switch between personalities depending on occasion or mood but in the main we have a default preference.  Those of us lovely ladies with Creative tendencies stand out - you and everyone else will know who you are.  Some will admire your style while others might consider it a bit 'messy', 'loud', 'ill considered' or 'inapporpriate'. 

Am I A Creative Style Personality? - A full personal style consultation will help you identify this &cover in much more detail, combining your preferences with your body shape, colouring, silhouette and scale.
  • Are you great at combining different items of clothing and accessories - clashing patterns, colours & fabrics all at the same time. Are you bold with colour in your hair and make up? 
  • Is your wardrobe full of items from a huge range of sources - it will probably include vintage, charity shop purchase, your mother's clothes, high fashion and remodelled clothes?
  • Do you find chain stores just a bit distasteful - you would be horrified at walking out of a chain store in a top to toe outfit but you'll pick very selectively and customise from chain stores instead.


Vivienne Westwood - designer
If you answered yes to more than one of these,  then chances are you are a creative.  You're not alone.  Famous creatives include:

Zandra Rhodes - designer
Vivienne Westwood
Zandra Rhodes
Carrie Bradshaw
Helena Bonham Carter


Some us, myself included, have been 'Creative' at one time in our lives.  Commonly this has been when we were students or younger and finding our fashion feet.  Some of us embrace this as we have followed a creative path in life.  But lifestyles change - more professional, now a mum, taste has changed, figure has changed - and so we change our style preferences. 

What if you hanker after your 'creative' past or have always wanted to be a bit more creative?


5 Top Tips For ...
Introducing A Dash Of 'Creative' To Your Personal Style. 


Helen Bonham-Carter

  1. Wear a scarf that clashes with what you are wearing - in a so wrong its right kind of way
  2. Wear brightly coloured or patterned tights Team chunky knits with soft, floaty skirts or dress.
  3. Team chunky boots with delicate dresses & a wool cardigan - clashing the weight of the fabric of your clothes.  Be warned:  avaoid this the other way round.  Delicate boots/shoes with chunky dresses rarely works!
  4. Wear dresses over trousers or jeans and add a cropped cardigan or low slung belt.
  5. Buy (and wear of course) a bolder pair of shoes than you would normally.


And so it was Hasta Luego to Barcelona and Salut to Casablanca as I hit the ocean waves. 

Yours, feeling creative
Lady Mirror Ball x

PS:  Get in touch for help with your own Personal Styling questions.  You might also enjoy a 2 hour styling session with Mirror Ball Studios.


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