Monday, February 20, 2012

Last Week, All At Sea ...

MSC Splendida - home for a week.  Gorgeous.
Well I am back from a wonderfully relaxing, inspiring and fun cruise around the western Mediterranean courtesy of Mr Mirror Ball and his lovely Valentines holiday gift.  If you have never been on a cruise I can highly recommend it.  Waking up in a different city, more often country, every morning, the opportunity to relax on the waves, copious amounts of delicious delicacies, a good helping of glamour and lots of new smells, sights and sounds.    Okay, so there are lots of people on board with you but believe me when I say you can escape the crowd.  Imagine a big, bustling hotel that happens to float you off to different locations but where you can find private time, dinner or a drink for two on the cabin balcony or a dance at the disco.  There you have it.

My travels last week - so much to see/sea so little time

In the week I had the pleasure of calling in at Barcelona in Sunny Spain, then off to drink Gin with Bogart and Bergman in Casablanca, to a little slice of Britain in Gibraltar before disembarking in the chocolate heaven of Valencia (also home to a top football team, so Mr MB tells me) then off to tres magnifique Marseilles before cruising into Genoa. I'm sure I heard 'Volare' as I woke that morning: Volare, rather ironically meaning 'to fly', of course. 

Forthcoming Mirror Ball Musings:  -

Barcelona with the theme of Creative Style Personalities & Embracing Pattern.  I'm thinking Gaudi rather than gaudy.

A day at sea with the a pop of Blue for our Coffee, Cake & Colour break. 

Casablanca with the theme of Screen Sirens & Vintage Styling as we hang out at Rick's Cafe.

Gibraltar with the theme of Great Britishness for Happy Hour Friday, brought to you during London Fashion Week too.

Valencia with the theme of being a City Chic Style Personality & Personal Style Consultations.

Marseilles with the theme of sparkle (/jewellery/accessories/embellishment) - partly in honour of  the sun on the sea but also partly in honour of the AMAZING Swarovski staircase on board the MSC Splendida Cruise Ship that was home for a week.


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