Saturday, February 4, 2012

Just Landed From London...

Gruezi.  I am writing this tired but inspired as I am just back from a lovely three weeks in the UK, with one spent in beautiful, elegant Edinburgh and two in busy, bustling and stylish London.  I do hope that is something of a half-way accetable excuse for my poor blogging record of late.  But ...  I have news.

I haven't been a lady of leisure; oh no.  Infact, it's been all work, not much play and not nearly enough time spent on shopping.  Rather, I have been a busy, busy bee updating my image consulting qualifications.  

Elegant Edinburgh in all her colourful glory - ok, so it wasn't quite these shades of colourful when I was there.  More shades of charcoal and soft white.  But hey neutrals can be fantastic.

I love the Union Jack.  It's such a stylish & iconic design.  I particularly love this colour ful interpretion of it produced as a quilt. (Janey Forgans' Liberty Jack quilt using Liberty of London archive fabrics, 2008 - see for more inspiration) And how colourful does Covent Garden look?   

And, Voila!  I am now a fully qualified Image Consultant/Personal Stylist and can also add 'Colour Analyst',  in partnership with Colour Me Beautiful, to my new studio services.
Image Consultants, Personal Stylists, Style Consultants, Colour Analysis and Colour Me Beautiful Cosmetics and Make-up

So, to celebrate I am going to be bringing lots of new styling and colour musings to my blog while also giving it a bit of a refresh and am actually going to PUSH IT LIVE - all before Friday of this week.  So, soft launch of Lady Mirror Ball's Musings - Friday 10th February 2012 and with a launch date of my fabulous new Mirror Ball Studios here in the beautiful Zurich / Winterthur region at a date at the end of February,   To be announced very soon.

PS:  I've just decided, I'll set a date for opening before this Friday.  So see you then.

Wishing you a stylish weekend,
Love, colour & sparkle
 Lady Mirror Ball xx

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