Friday, January 6, 2012

My Dream Dress - Luscious

How much do I love this dress, even with the orange gosgrain belt? I confess I am not a fan of orange but it is growing on me.  I think it provides just the right 'pop' of colour.  Of course the belt can be swapped - orange is good for my colouring as is the soft white so the orange might just give the dress more 2012 edge. 

This dress, by Roksanda Ilincic embraces everything I love about dresses & dressing - the crepe fabric, the colour, the vintage styling, the drape & flow, the wrap over, the shoulder shape & the sleeves.   More good news is that it comes in fantastic sizing - even for my curvy 38/29/43 triangular frame.  Sadly my budget does not extend to the £885 - approx CHF 1,400 price tag nor do I have the occasion but ....I can lust.   And it's inspiring. 

I'd wear it with high metallic heels and my gold sphere bag with red tassel, some 1940's curls in my hair, simple eyes (with falsies) and a dash of matching red lipstick.  Or you could add some shoe boots, a cuff at the wrist and a leather belt for a bit more rock style glamour.


Roksanda Ilincic Roksanda Ilincic 
Vintage Styling & Luscious Ivory - gush

This is perfect for so many body shapes - fabulous shoulder line with slight puff shoulder to balance out us triangles (pears)as it skims our heavier thighs while defining the waist., great all over shape for neat hourglasses, a lovely deep V and crossover effect for fuller hourglasses and rectangles.  It's block colour is lengthening (thus slimming) and it gives a defined waist to columns, who should perhaps wear it with the best a little more 'relaxed'. Check it out on the luxe website:

I love this designer.   She is also doing a diffusion line for UK based

My gold bag with red tassel - last season from

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